Hot Toys 2016 1/6th scale Toy Fair Exclusive

Hot toys has announced 4 exclusive for Toy fair of 2016. That mean these could be exclusive for various Toy convention around the world. Do note currently no pricing was announced as from the post today and all are in 1/6 scale.

First off, Starwars and this time is from the game Battlefront, The Jumptrooper.

This is basically made famous by the recent Starwars game where you can get a stormtrooper and strap him up in a jetpack and make him jump around avoiding enemies fire and hopefully hit some random players.

It is worthwhile to note that the jetpack is magnetically-attached and come with fire effect accessories.

Iron Man 3 Mark XXVII Disco.

Iron Man has been staying alive and since there are so many Iron Man suit, they can take their own sweet time and also allow collector to have a breather to purchase more Iron Man suit.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Knightmare Batman

From the last movie Dawn of Justice we see a sneak preview of the supposedly future Batman. So here is that Batman.Very down to earth Batman.

Suicide Squad, The Joker

This is the Joker from the coming Suicide Squad and he is in a strap-suit, bare feet and have a chair for accessories. You may want to watch Suicide Squad to have more feel about this Joker.

So there it is the 4 exclusive which most likely be at SDCC 2016 and maybe in STGCC 2016.

Are you excited?


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