1/35 Mechatro Wego X Hatsune Miku figure

This cute set is currently on sale at Anime Expo 2016 at the Goodsmile booth. This is the 1/35 Frederator X 1000toys Mechatro Wego X Frederator X Hatsune Miku figure

This is the art illustration of the box art. Have The adventure time feel about this.

As for the figure mechatro Wego are pained in Miku Hatsune color theme uniform and it look awesome!

You can put Miku Hatsune inside the Wego. See, nice fit!

Wego as usual is full articulated and can pose rather well.

Wego would come with a Leek too and sitting down, Wego do look so much like Miku!

This set is limited to 200 and selling for at US$50.00! Guess it should be sold out in no time.... T-T


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