Figma Leonidas from 300 Coming

If you are a fan of 300 movie and fall in love with the Spartans, beside getting NECA Leonidas, you are having another choice by Max factory Figma series only offering Leonidas.

Figma Leonidas comes with 2 expressions one yelling "This is Sparta!" and another with a cool and cold expression.

It comes with sword, shield, spear, helmet and his necklace.

The Sparta look is complete with it's Spear, shield and helmet.

The red cape is removable and the figure offer many articulations.

This is a unique figma from an action movie and the price is more higher than the regular ones maybe because of licensing.

It is to be release this month of April at the retail price of 8,000 Yen

Expensive? This is SPARTA!!! What do you expect? LOL


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