S.H.Figuarts A NEW HOPE Luke Skywalker

S.H. Figuarts STAR WARS series would be releasing the second Luke Skywalker character from the A NEW HOPE.

This was the first appearance of Luke Skywalker with lightsaber able to attached on his belt.

This figure comes with 2 facial expression which is an exchangeable head printed by 3D printer. However the likeness can be better in away.

For accessories, it come with a Lightsaber with blade, Effect of the practice ball and a helmet with a blast shield.

It would look good with the figure with a lightsaber

and it offer the short training of Luke Skywalker scene from Obiwan kenobi

 The listed price for this figure releasing in July 2016 would be 5,500 Yen

Will you get this figure??


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