Premium Bandai Dragonball Despair Vegeta

One of the classic scene in Dragonball was capture and make into the figure. This time it is Vegeta...The Despair of Vegeta.

If you are familiar with the series, you will notice this Vegeta was from his encounter with the full formed Freiza where Vegeta thought he will achieve Super Saiyan status after reviving.

It was his first time to face despair and start to doubt himself...It was also the first time he have given up hope.

Why this is special because this was the first time Vegeta cried....

This figure is in the Premium Bandai HAJIMETENO GATAGATA(HG) series.

This Vegeta is around 11.5cm comes with a backdrop and a stand.

Here is the official advertisement of this figure.

This figure is price at 4,949 Yen releasing in June 2016.

Will you get this figure?


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