Nendoroid One-Punch Man Saitama Coming

If you have not watched the recent Anime One Punch man, you are missing out.

Well since the series is so popular, it should be logical to have a figure of the lead Saitama to have a figure and the first of it's kind is a Nendoroid form!

Now you will be wondering who is this bald guy with a innocent face?  Well he is the lead and he is suppose to be the strongest man alive defeating all kind of enemy just with one Punch.

He is not like other super hero as in the series you can see him walking around buying food to cook in his everyday life.

His transformation is not much. His innocent one punch with this look is just a deception....

But if he get really serious, that is really the end of the bad guys....

This figure is releasing in August 2016 at the price of 4,200 Yen

Not much of choice now but this is a cute form that suit Saitama.

One Punch!!!


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