LEGO MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Fully Transformable

You read the title right. What I am going to share with you is a Custom LEGO Gundam Zeta which is fully transformable!!

This is a awesome creation by Sam Cheng from a Hongkong!

This custom Zeta Gundam was Sam Cheng first Lego Gundam and also his Lego aircraft and his biggest Mecha creation to date.

The full LEGO Gundam weight around 800g and standing over 20cm in Mecha mode tall! That is comparison with Bandai Gundam grade would be taller than MG!!

Some of the feature includes

- Light-up Vulcan guns via Lego Lightbrick
- Movable Armour System and having 40 articulation joints which help to transform from Mecha to Plane
- Minifig Pilot
- Transforms into Wave Rider!

 You may check out more especially the transformation steps of Sam Cheng's Zeta Gundam's at his Flickr album-

Show him some love Gundam fans!!


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