LEGO Custom Sheng Long from Dragonball

Let's summon Sheng Long and make a wish!

I wish to have more LEGO and this is what I think most Dragonball fans who is a LEGO fans would love to have.

Sheng Long in LEGO form!!

This awesome creation is by Cha Mi

This LEGO creation Sheng Long is 60 cm in length with more than 10 back joints! It comes with 4 legs just like in the Dragonball Manga.

The creator even make some cloud with it but it kinda blend in the white background in photo.

Nonetheless the articulation and the movement correct capture the Sheng long from Dragonball.

You can get to see this Sheng long in higher photo resolution over at Cha Mi account!

It's this Awesome?

I wish to have one!! Make a wish to Sheng Long!!


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