Custom LEGO Centaur Knight Mech

Today we are going to feature another awesome custom LEGO built by LEGO7 from Taiwan.

Using the Nexo Knight theme to build a Centaur Knight Mech with moveable parts and can balance well with it's own feet.

Back view of his armor showing it's wings, Lance and Shield.

It look better if you put a stand so it can pose more movement freezing actions....

The Legs have decent articulation and you can see the hooves...

The look are taken reference on more mediaeval looks and reduce in mechanical looking parts. Parts consist mostly System brick, A small part of the Orange Technic and parts from Nexo Knights.

Centaur Knight in full charging action! Look out for the Calvary!

Personally I am very impress with the proportion of the horse lower body movement and how good looking white Knight....

You may want to check out the creator higher res photos at here.


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