31 October 2015

LEGO General Grievous 75112

Ever since I saw the LEGO Buildable Figure for Starwars series 1, I have an eye for General Grievous among the rest.

Finally took the step to make the purchase of him and I have never looked back.

Even the face look so good. Good Job LEGO.

Okay enough writing, here is a video review of the actual Toy with some modification by myself.

Do you Like this Grievous as much as I do?

29 October 2015

GameStart 2015 Media Preview

We are just a few week away to GameStart 2015 which is one of the biggest Game show in Singapore. Last year I have attended and it was a blast!

So today I have attended the media preview of the GameStart 2015 to check out news and information of what is going to be showcase in that show.

So here is the good news. This year, it is going to be bigger in floor space!

Sony Playstation will be having 30% more floor space and have 2 levels of showroom (most from the Tokyo Game show recently).

One of the main highlight would be the VR of Playstation which you have a chance to experience it yourself in GameStart 2015.

If you want to get the 20th Anniversary Playstation 4, then you may want to attend the event to purchase a new PS4 and you may stand a chance to upgrade to the 20th Anniversary Set thru Lucky Draw!!

During media preview, I have experience the game play of Street Fighter V and the graphic and gameplay was smooth!

In the GameStart 2015, you can look forward to the following games show casing there.
  • Street Fighter V
  • Starwars Battlefront 
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III 
  • PSVita Superbeat Xonic 
  • Airship 
  • Dusty Raging fist 
  • Rocketbirds 2 
  • Playstation VR demo  
Namco Bandai Entertainment will be showcasing

  • Just Cause 3
  • Dark Souls III
  • Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Gundam Extreme vs Force
  • Sword Art Online: Game direction Edition
  • Deus EX (presentation only)
A Singapore based game company Witching Hour Studios will be showcase Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Blizzard Entertainment will be show casing
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • World of Warcraft
  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Warner Brothers Games will be featuring
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Mad Max
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • FIFA 16
  • Lego Marvel's Avengers
There are lots of other game company too which you can read at 

Visitor should expect more Retro Arcade space this year due to the good respond!

Another good thing to look forward is to experience Starwars Battle Pod which is hosted by Geek Culture. This is the first time in Singapore you will get  a feel how it can fly thru the Deathstar with your X-wing to fire the torpedoes.

I am looking forward to GameStart 2015 which will be happening on 13th to 15th November 2015 at Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 and 402.

Follow us for more news on GameStart 2015!

You can buy your tickets now as this is the best game show you going to have in South East Asia.

Gunpla Expo 2015 Singapore

The Gunpla Expo Singapore for 2015 has begun and NEXUS Serangoon is hosting the event.

I have to say every year the presentation of the Gunpla Expo look better and better due to the community of Gunpla lovers.

There is a showcase of Perfect Grade Gundam Unicorn...

Not forgetting the Perfect Grade Banshee Gundam Unicorn...

One of the highlight of the event are the Singapore GBWC2015..

Here are some of them...

This year seems like quite some snow theme...

There are some SG50 Theme too!

I have to say every year the presentation of the Gunpla Expo look better and better due to the community of Gunpla lovers.

There are lots of other entries, do drop by in the event take a look for yourself!
Venue: Nex Shopping Centre, From 28 Oct to 8 Nov 2015

28 October 2015

LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ 75827 Coming

Ghostbusters fan rejoice! Because coming January 2016, LEGO is releasing the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827)

This set will 4,634 pieces set  with two floors with a laboratory, living quarters and of course the requisite ghost containment unit,! There will be 9 Minifigs including Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, the library ghost, and a zombie ghost driver.

My concern would be how the Ecto-1 is going to fit in and can the vehicle go thru the front door.

The estimated retail price is USD $349.99.

Will be sharing more news on this set here!

26 October 2015

Revoltech FIGURE COMPLEX MOVIE REVO Series Stitch (Experiment 626)

Snitch lover be prepare as Kaiyodo will be releasing an articulated Snitch from the FIGURE COMPLEX MOVIE REVO Series.

It offer many expression and movements.

These are the set of accessories and we will see them in play...

Having an Ice-cream in a red shades...

One thing I have not seen this version of Snitch is that it can have an option to make it 6 arms like the original state of Experiment 626!

With the combination of expression, this is truly one good Snitch!

This Stitch  a.k.a (Experiment 626) will be on sale in January 2016 at the price point of 5,400Yen

24 October 2015

Visit to Hobby Hub Singapore

I was notified that there is a new model hobby toy open up not too long ago in Orchard Road. It is called the Hubby Hub. So I decided to pay a visit.

The shop is still quite new but there are some impressive model kit display

Some of which are entries of past GBWC award winners.

There are exclusive sales items...

And some Gundam related figures. There are also display of the awards which is not for sale. LOL

The shop have space for any customer who want to build their kit over at their area. Spacious is good.

The shelves are well stock for latest Gunpla

And regularly there seems to have promotions!

You can go over their facebook to have a look any latest promotion and stuff

The address is at 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore Shopping Center, #03-17, Singapore 239924

Opening Hours For Shop
Wed - Fri: 2pm to 8pm
Sat - Sun, PH: 12pm to 8pm

If you have the time and in Orchard road, you may want to have a look there.

21 October 2015

Tomica Toy Story 2015 Series

With Toy Story releasing for 20 years, Tomica is releasing a series of Toy Story playset and diecast car.

This is the playset which is like the toy room of Andy.

This set is cool as this really serve as a parking lot for the vehicles and the whole look at feel is a room of toy collecting.

They even have drawers for the characters

Buzz Lightyear come with his box as a car and look mint in box!! LOL

Woody car is the RC car in Toy Story 1. No controller included tho.

Bulleye suppose to be a horse but because it should be a Tomica car, he too have a car or cart for him.

Jessie having her own carriage of the old west. 

You can combine them to form a set for bulleye and Jessie vehicles.

One of the favorite would be the green soldier with his own Jeep!!

As for the Aliens. it come with his spaceship but as a car as well. Love the capusle feel.

With the playset and the vehicles, I have to say it is a good collection to be collect.

Lastly, You got a friend in me. LOL

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