31 July 2015

Autumn Mooncake Festival Miku Nendoroid

It's rather rare to see Miku Hatsune in Chinese theme costume but here is one that she is for the Autumn Mooncake festival version!

Here is her like dancing away.

Playing a flute with eyes closed....

Eating of Mooncake is so cute!! Nom Nom Nom

This set even come with a good back drop of the autumn festival.

 She will be releasing in November 2015 at listed price of 3,889Yen.

Good job Good Smile company!

27 July 2015

Max Factory Figma 266 - Bruce Lee Coming

Figma finally doing a Bruce Lee figure for the 75th anniversary of the Chinese action star / martial artist Bruce Lee.

This version is more of Bruce Lee topless with his iconic dress of Chinese pants.

Also accessories is just a nunchaku.

You are not given one but two of the nunchakus!

The figure can be pose with his iconic flying kick!

And one of his iconic facial expression of him screaming out!

That being said, Figma is not the only one who is releasing a Bruce Lee figure. S.H.Figuarts too. More news on that later.

Would you be getting this Bruce Lee when it is released in November 2015 at 5,000 Yen?

25 July 2015

Yo-Kai Watch Robonyan

Among the whole Yo-kai Watch series, one of the Yo-kai that I am interested is the Robonyan. Why? I can never get to understand why a Robot can be a ghost or spirit.

Anyway as a robot, he is awesome! I certainly welcome it.

For Robonyan, he seems to have quite a lot of features but kinda lack of some expression....

The building up was rather simple as you do not have changing of face expression like the other in the series.

One thing it did have was the opening and closing of his mouth...

You may asked what is the mouth opening and closing for. It is for him to eat chocolate bar that comes with this model kit....

He also able to fly using the his unique stand...

At the back was his jetpack but the effect of his flight seems to come from his butt....

One of his feature is to do the flying punch!!

Overall I love Robonyan among the Yo-kai in the series. I am considering to get the chogokin (diecast) version of him releasing in this month.

Here's a good close up shot of Robonyan! A Yo-kai that almost able to do anything just like Doreamon!

If you watched the Yo-kai Watch series, you would surely fall in love with him.

23 July 2015

LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House Alternet MOC

Since I have a LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House, my friend sent me a link to a MOC to make a good display set. With clear instruction, I manage to put up this lovely MOC.

This display show a red submarine under the sea with the fish and the crab.

On the top, Oliver (It's a name I called him) surfing the wave with a seagull on the coconut tree..

If you would look in details, you can see the submarine scoop is just above the water behind the surfer.

This display is idea to be on a desk as the surface area is small and in term of presentation was awesome!

If you happen to have the LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House, you can follow the instruction here and build this display.

How would you rate this display set?

Pretty cool right?

20 July 2015

LEGO officially announces Scooby Doo Preview

Here is some preview of the LEGO Scooby Doo releasing in August 2015.

Mummy Museum Mystery (75900) Listed priced USD$14.90

Close up on Scooby and Shaggy

Playable feature of this set.

Mystery Plane Adventures (75901) Listed priced USD$19.90

You can remove the punkie head...

The plane feature is able to drop the hamburger bomb.

The Mystery Machine (75902) Listed priced USD$29.90

This would be rather Hot set as it is the iconic The Mystery Machine!!

Close up on The Mystery Machine...very 1960s.

Features of The Mystery Machine which can open up at the back.

Haunted Lighthouse (75903) Listed priced USD$49.99

A good looking Lighthouse and a speed boat...

This is the only set for you to get Daphne....

Playable features of the lighthouse.

Mystery Mansion (75904) Listed priced USD$89.99

I love the color theme of this set.

There are so many minifigures in this set.

The clock tower look nice!

This is the only set to get Velma.

The mansion come with the Nursery and I dig the eating plant!!

One thing I notice about this series is that you will sure get Scooby and Shaggy in any of the set which they look different in term of pose (Scooby) and expression or for Shaggy will be his clothing.

So get ready your budget if you intend to get Scooby Scooby Dooo!!!

18 July 2015

Starwars C-3PO Bandai Model Kit custom

After the last week feature for Hiroaki Yoshimatsu's Bandai Starwars Model kit R2-D2 and R5-D4, this week we will look at his C-3PO from Bandai. 

For this set, Hiroaki-san did some touch up.

Starting with the back of the C-3PO

Hidden details which can be cover up.

In the movie, the tummy would have some expose wiring and thus Hiroaki-san decided to make some using Glue gun...

Here are how it look like when it's dry...

Nice some painting on the dry glue wire....

Next wrap them up around the tummy area of C-3P0...

Here how it look when about to put together with the chest and the bottom....

Now it look awesome!! Just like in the movie...

Here's the look of C-3P0 with the other droids previously done... C-3P0 look more clean....

So Hiroaki-san decided to weather C-3P0 up using Dark Brown panel line accent color.

All he did was to brush over it thinly and obtain the weather look of C-3P0!!! Isn't that awesome?

All is not done until he did a cinema shoot of the whole set...here's the set up...

And here is the final product shot!

All the above works are credit to Mr. Hiroaki Yoshimatsu and thank you for allowing us to share of your works!

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