28 January 2015

Dollfie Dream DD Snow Miku 2015

Miku fans or should I rephrase to say Rich Miku fan get prepare as there will be a Limited Edition order for Dollfie Dream Snow Miku 2015 happening in Japan!

The order will be happening on 7 February 2015 to 11 February 2015 to place your order at http://www.volks.co.jp/miku/

It would be selling at 65,000 Yen each.

I have to say this Miku is what I really feel how Miku should be. The hair and costume detail are so well done.

 If you can part with your money, then go get it.

26 January 2015

FUNKO POP! MARVEL Avengers: Age of Ultron

Funko Pop! series has released many figures and it is no surprise they are rolling out Avengers 2 Age of Ultron soon.

These series include Ironman mark 43 and Thor

Captain America and Hulk

Hawkeye and Ultron

And also Vision. They will be released in April 2015 for retail of USD$9.90.

25 January 2015

Re-ment Pose Skeleton & Grave Review

I have been keeping my eye peel on Re-ment latest Pose Skeleton. A well articulated figure which is just pocket size and come with quite a number of accessories selling separately. This is how the Skeleton look in it's packaging.

It has 15 point of articulation and don't be fool by the size, this skeleton is quite durable in doing pose. It comes with 2 additional hands to hold some accessories. The Jaw can be open and close too.

Accessories are sold in separate sets which are in box. Just like this Grave set which comes with it's coffin, tombstone and a Death Scythe.

This set look good with the Skeleton as it make sense that a skeleton need a place to rest and it's coffin.

For these 2 sets, I did a short clip for you guys to see how fun it can be.

I will be doing more of the series with more fun clip. So subscribe, comment or feedback as it do take time in doing these video. :)

More story later. :D

22 January 2015

TakaraTomy ANIA Tiger

Tiger is an amazing animal especially in the part of Asia. It is one exotic animal that many wanted to have for various reason. Because he is a king of the mountain and here is TakaraTomy ANIA Tiger.

It is true for a Tiger do live in a mountain or Jungle. They are hunters and they like to hunt for their prey when there are not looking. For that they have soft cushion paws but they are powerful with shape crawls.

As an meat eater, a Tiger can grow up between 60Kg to 170Kg depending on breed.

They are well balance and they are good swimmers.

Generally Tiger are mainly in Orange skin and black stripes but there are white tiger too.

In ancient drawing, the Tiger would have a Chinese "King" word on it's head indicating the King of the mountain. However in real life, this is very rare. The toy did put the word as a stripe on the toy head.

The only moveable part was the opening of it's Jaw. 

As a display or a toys, this Tiger would look good enough. Although I do hope there were more moveable parts to play...

Sadly of Tiger today, many wanted them for games or trophy for it's skin, tooth and even his penis. There were hunted down because of fear of safety reason but so much so they are limited in numbers only to be found in some enclosure...

I hope we humans can spare some space and understanding for these Tiger before this magnificent animal went into extinction in a generation or two.

20 January 2015

Megahouse Dimension of DRAGONBALL Son Goku

Megahouse is releasing a normal Goku from Dragonball series.

It is tall with real fabric clothing but lack much in articulation

To make up of articulation, this Goku offers 3 expressio

With one of the expression with scouter when Captain Ginyu took over the body.

A good display piece with the listed price of 7,000 Yen releasing in April 2015

Is it too pricey for you?

17 January 2015

Dream Tomica Mothra

I stumble something unexpected when I was checking out some Tomica toys. I saw a cute looking vehicle that resemble a worm and without much consideration, I purchase it. Little did I noticed shortly it was a Baby Mothra from Godzilla!

Here is the short video review of it in double speed time. :D

I love the way they made the blue eyes as headlights and the mouth as a bummer.

From the sides, it look very compact and I love the curve that resemble the caterpillar

On the top view, you can totally see the shape of the caterpillar or worm.

At the back should be a place to store the spare tyres.

The bottom show the data of this vehicle series and licenses

Overall this is a looker and Baby Mothra vehicle look cute!

Do you like this Baby Mothra vehicle from Tomica?

16 January 2015

S.H. Figuarts "Super Mario World" Yoshi

After S.H.Figuarts released Mario and Luigi, comes Yoshi in May 2015! It comes with optional eyes and hands.

It comes with Yoshi's egg too!

It also come with his signature tongue!

It also come with a back seat for Mario or Luigi to ride on. 

The 11cm figure and you can expect the release in May 2015 at 4,536 Yen.

14 January 2015

KRE-O TRANSFORMERS Grimlock Unleashed

People had looked forward to Michael Bay’s latest Transformers 4 movie, titled “Transformers – Age of Extinction”. This is because the fan-favourites, Dinobots, were supposed to be featured in the movie. After the movie was released, fans lamented the movie’s Dinobots’ lacked resemblance to the Generation One dinobots. They were also disappointed at how the movie introduced Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots.

Hasbro heard the feedback from fans and released this KRE-O building set “Grimlock Unleashed”. In my opinion, this set paid homage to the Generation One Grimlock which fans had loved.

This building set is special because we now have a Generation One Grimlock in building block form. This set comes with five KRE-Ons (KRE-O minifigures) which includes an exclusive Grimlock in robot model KRE-On. Grimlock is so special that he gets to see out of the box!

The back of the box shows the boxart of more Grimlock and displays all the contents when fully built.

In the box, we have packets of the bricks and one instruction manual.

KRE-O has done a good job to recreate Grimlock in Dinobot mode. The colour looks accurate enough. The toy comes with an Autobot emblem which can be attached on the stomach of the toy.

Side view of Grimlock in dinobot mode

This is the infamous Grimlock “angry pose”. This toy uses many rubberized ball joints to connect the limbs, head, neck and tail. The ball joint is firm with friction when new. However, I assume over time time, the rubberized surface could degrade and will not work as well.

This is a Happy Grimlock, who emulates a Barney hug pose.

This is Grimlock when he is doing his own reflection.

Grimlock transforms into robot mode! You can see from this size comparison how big this Grimlock toy actually is.

The Grimlock robot mode KRE-On comes with a king’s crown accessory. In the original Transformers Generation One cartoon, Grimlock’s famous line was “Me Grimlock No Bozo, Me King!”

Here we have the KRE-Ons included in this set. From left to right, we have Grimlock, Lockdown, Optimus Prime, Galvatron and Bumblebee.

This is another picture of the KRE-Ons without their accessories. Each KRE-ON has prints only on front side of the body.

To conclude, the war between Autobots and the Decepticons continues to rage on. Where there is Evil, the forces of Good will be there to stop them.

This KRE-O TRANSFORMERS Grimlock Unleashed is a very good building toy set which pays homage to the Generation One Grimlock. Also, the set comes with exclusive KRE-ONs of Grimlock and Optimus Prime in Generation One print. If you wish to only buy one KRE-O TRANSFORMERS set, you must buy this KRE-O Grimlock Unleashed building toy set for your collection.

Thank you for YeeTat for sharing his collection review with us today.

13 January 2015

Platinum Edition Year of the Goat YOTG Transformers

It seems like a tradition now that every Chinese Lunar New year, Hasbro will be rolling out some exclusive during this period.

This year Platinum Edition goes translucent and 2 characters were chosen. There are Soundwave and Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime Platinum Edition year of the Goat with mostly translucent parts and chrome painting.

Do note the other color you see was suppose to be Gold paint.

Soundwave was the mold of the last master piece but this time they swap out most of the part to be made of translucent plastic.

Do this year translucent theme Transformers something that you like? I want to know your comment on there.

If you do, it should be out in retail about this period.

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