TakaraTomy Starwars Diecast BB-8

TakaraTomy has been releasing some diecast metal figurine for Starwars and it only pick my interest when I know there are releasing BB-8. Knowing there will be Diecast part, I want to know if it really as good as I expect it to be.

I finally pick up one and I love it!

Even when I pick up the box, I can feel the weight. Of course having articulation is a bonus.

The box all around show off how BB-8 look on every side and the drawing was close to the scale of the actual toy inside.

Enough of the box, let's Open the Toy!!!

Here it is....BB-8. The whole lower body circle was a diecast ball! Unfortunately the ball cannot roll like the movie.

However the head of BB-8 allow it to turn side way all around!

It will maintain balance even if you give him a push on every side and that was fun!

Overall this is one good looking BB-8 with solid detail, good articulation and worth diecast part.

It is a fun toy to play around and I will introducing him with other droids I have in time to come.

Meanwhile I will be waiting for Starwars movie release like most of you too. LOL

More review on Starwars toy later. Stay tune!!


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