Nendoroid Star Wars: The Force Awakens First Order Storm Trooper

So The Force Awakens had started and time for more figures to be announce. This week, Good Smile Company is releasing pre-product shot of the First Order Trooper.

For the Nendoroid design it almost certainly win the heart for those who love Cute style Stormtroopers.

It look great on every angle and this is one of those Nendoroid who did not need extra expression as Stormtrooper already look good by itself.

The only accessories is only it's own Blasters as in the first product photo...maybe in time they will release more accessories. Who knows...

It does give you extra limbs to do the running with the help of a stand for balance...

Sadly this Nendoroid from Good Smile will only release in July 2016 at the 4,200 Yen. Well it is good in a way for fans to have time to budget their spending as they are so much Starwars toys to buy.

I will review more Starwars toys in the following post.

May the Force be with you.


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