My Starwars The Force Awakens Review

I think the time is right for me to do a personal review of the Starwars Episode VII The Force Awakens review. If by now you have not watch the movie, you are not that into Starwars and the spoilers ahead won't make any difference to you anyway. :P

Spoilers ahead and do not read if you have not watched the movie.

Personally I caught it on the 17th December 2015 which was the first day of Starwars release with my son. In the cinema when the title of the Starwars appear and the anthem start (Yes I use the word Anthem because it is fitting to use that term for Starwars fans), I recall the memories of me watching all the Starwars episode on the big screens but this time beside me is not a friend but my son. I hope he do enjoy these movie as I do. 

There and then when the prologue word is playing, I was praying hard that this movie will not be a let down like episode 1... You may asked why I compare this with Episdoe 1, that is simply because it is a mark of a new trilogy which you have no idea what the whole story is about. Like many fans, I was deceived to think Episode 1 was awesome because of the trailer that have lightsaber fight and Darth Maul but when I was watching the movie at the end of the battle in Naboo and saw the Jar Jar running, I was doubting am I watching Starwars.... Enough about that, let's focus on The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens very much shadow on the formula of A New Hope
The Movie begins with attack of the Empire and wanting to capture a important information. Within the few minutes, the "Dark Lord" appear and instead of Darth Vader, it is Kylo Ren. The important information is handed on to a Droid (Instead of R2-D2, it is BB-8) and it escaped but the person who handed the information was captured (Instead of Leia, this time is Poe).

BB-8 will be in the wilderness and be found at the hand of a hero and later this BB-8 will hand the information back to the rebel base. To do that, the hero and BB-8 need a vessel and you guess which is the vessel? Millennium falcon. The hero will later meet Chewbacca and Han Solo which take them to the rebel base.

Remember in the New Hope Leia was captured and the Han and the hero go to rescue her in the Deathstar? Well this also happen as Finn, Han and Chewy decided to rescue Rey.

The hero discover the Force and that happen to Rey but this time there is not from a master but something that she see what Kylo Ren did that she follow after.

The Empire new Ultimate weapon is a bigger DeathStar and it did destroy some planets instead of one.

The Rebel is once again running against time to destroy the new DeathStar as the DeathStar is counting down to destroy the rebel base and you guess the ending by now.

So above are all the similarity and to Starwars fan. Although some complain there is not much originality,  it is something familiar, something that is Starwars fan will feel home as Episode VII should start of something that old fans can relate. But above it all, it is an episode for the new and the old character come into the picture as the lime light is needed to past from the old characters to the new.

The director did a good job for this linking as this is an important episode to save the franchise and he has won back the fans since the Episode 1 and 3 was heavily criticised with valid reasons of course.I personally think this episode set a stage for Episode VII onward for the director to go on the free play of the storyline because of the following.

The audience accepted the new characters
By the end of this movie, you will be rooted for Rey which is the least you really care about when the movie begin as you thought the Jedi would be Finn or Poe. No one expect a girl to be the Jedi and the actress acted well (even this was her first movie) and won me over. A intelligent and finesse character and not losing any lady like. It is still a mystery of  her origin of who she is. Will she be seduce to the dark side of the force?

The old characters are still around to link the Starwars franchise
At the end of the movie, you get a glimpse of the next chapter as Rey will finally meet up with the long lost Luke Skywalker. Many are wondering how the Jedi training would be and is Luke still sane? Will she trained Rey like he trained Ren which failed?

Darkside need to be balance
For the next episode would very much a dark episode and a grand closing at the final episode that I am certain. But the questions remain how and what. So far many characters are "Grey" in nature. There are still the ultimate darkside boss to face-off. How would it be played out?

This certainly keep a Starwars fan like me to be interested.

As for my son, what he cares about was the the Droids....yes BB-8 and R2-D2. He light up when he see them on screen and he is not quite as impress with the battle and the lightsaber fights....At least I am pleased he kept quiet during those scene. LOL

On the side news, it was said all the old characters will be appearing on Episode VIII including you know who.

So do you enjoy Starwars The Force Awakens too?


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