LEGO Starwars Microfighters Series 3

Here are some news on the Starwars MicroFighters Series 3!!

LEGO 75130 – Star Wars Star Wars AD-DP
Basically this is something like AT Walker but topless. LOL

LEGO 75128 – Star Wars Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype
Yes this Tie-fighter suppose to be protoype...

LEGO 75129 – Star Wars Star Wars Wookiee Gunship
Apparently Wookie make it vehicle preview in Microfighters series!

LEGO 75127 – Star Wars Star Wars The Ghost
A Vehicle from the Starwars Rebel animation series and this is the first in Microfighters series to have Ghost and her pilot, Hera Syndulla.

All these suppose to be selling at retail around USD$10.00

See anything you like in this series?


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