LEGO MOC Mini Optimus Prime

Today I will featuring Wallace Chow who have done quite a number of Custom LEGO built or we call it "My Own Creation" for Transformers and this Mini G1 Optimus Prime caught my attention.

Now it doesn't only look good but as a Transformers, you are expected to transform. So this MOC LEGO built is transformable!!

and the transformation is exactly close to the actual G1 Optimus Prime!!

The head is well hidden behind!

There you have it, even the head give you the remembrance of G1 Optimus Prime!

If you are wondering why I said this is mini because Wallace have a bigger version with more details!!

And it is transformable too!!

So which Optimus Prime do you like? The bigger or smaller?

Find out more on Wallace facebook page to see more of the Transformers LEGO custom creation and like them.

Good Job Wallace!!


Unknown said…
Thats really Amazing, but i wanna know How to build this mini figure

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