Hottoys Star Wars: TFA Rey & BB-8 Collectible Set Preview

We have a preview by Hottoys to showcase the soon to release 1/6 figures for Starwars The Force Awakens and this set is Rey and her BB-8 Droid.

I have to say her design is really suitable for Hot toys figures as her arms joints are all cover up with bandages.

What really work is the design of her costume that already have a character by it's own. On the down side, I think this figure is still too clean as she live in a harsh environment.

BB-8 of this figure have more details and nothing much mention about it's feature or articulation tho. Not too sure if it's base are flat too. I think BB-8 should be more weathered.

Another look of Rey would be her having a mask on to counter dessert storm or sort.

What really make this figure look wonderful is her face. She really look beautiful and so much likeness of the actress.

No mention of when it will be release and the pricing but I guess fan would wait for this. Do be mindful the cost of Disney licensing so I guess that would add up.

That being said, I really love her head sculpt. Well done Hot Toys!

The force is strong with this one...


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