Hasbro Starwars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon

By now I guess many of you should have watched Starwars The Force Awakens so don't blame this toy review for Starwars Spoilers.

Anyway It is always a Starwars fan child dream in the 80s to have it's own Millennium Falcon and as the new movie release, there are various channel to get a Millennium Falcon by various manufacturers which come in different sizes.

There was some decision among the collectors which is the best Millennium falcon between LEGO version and the Hasbro version. I hope after this review you guys would know better as this is the Hasbro version for the 3.75" collectors.

Out of box, this version of Millennium Falcon look awesome!!

The basic paint work look decent and there are some stickers already apply for you like the back engine.

If you are wondering what is the size, here is my hand on the whole Millennium Falcon for reference. It's huge!

This version comes with 3 figures and they are Finn, BB-8 and Chewbacca. (I do not know why they put Finn but Rey will be more accurate as you know Han Solo figure for Hasbro is no where seen...)

The only thing you need to do is to paste some stickers which could be fun for some kids and the stickers are pretty big.

First thing I check it out was the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon...

Here is where you paste most of the stickers by following the instruction and after pasting the stickers, it look great!

Time to get the figures to play around with it.

Chewbacca seems to fill up the cockpit by itself but he look great.

Can we fit another figure as their are two seats??

Well you can put both figures but it appear to be quite cramp... Nevermind because one figure suppose to fit the Gunner station. 

Yes there is a Gunner station and it can be activated by pressing the side button and it would spring out. Remember this is a playset so it is not that movie accurate when this is activated but to kids it is where the fun begin!

You must first open the hatch of this unit to fit in the figure. Time to get Finn in as he is a good gunner than a pilot.

When you fit him inside, you can actually see the cockpit of the gun station. Don't worry, those stickers are already applied in the factory.

Once you press the side button for the shooting effect, the back of the panel will light up which is the old memory of the aiming unit graph.

Personally it look quite good as there are so many canon blaster to be offensive.

Actually the fun does not end there, since this is Hasbro's product, they integrated the NERF in it too and do it as a bonus and the collector can have a choice to activate it or not. So once activated by pressing on another side button, the big Nerf blaster will be expose and fire a Nerf dart it will.

There are both sides to store up to 4 NERF darts and by default it will come with 2. These are standard NERF darts so if you are NERF player you can use the same Darts should be fine.

As I say this is a bonus, if you only want it to be movie accurate, you can choose not to switch to this mode by pressing a button. Although my kid somehow like this mode more for fun reason which I can understand.

As this is a playset, it make sense to show what is inside the Millennium Falcon and it is all true. The Dark side, the Jedi and what not. You can open the back compartment and the glory of the Millennium Falcon is what we remember and more.

The walk way is there and if you put a BB-8 it look great with a hyper drive for you to turn the sound of the flight movement on or off on the right of the screen.

The iconic chess table and seats are there for playing.

On the other end is Chewbacca's spot where he rest... you guys better keep quiet as he don't like to be disturb.

Since the figures come with accessories like their blasters there is a compartment to store these accessories. .

The extension allow you to put more figures to display or play with it with a canon to shoot some imagination Tie-Fighters.

You can pack all these back to Millennium Falcon again easily and if you want to fly around with sound you can do so with two hands as the sound is sensitive to your movement and will come to rest once you place it on a flat ground.

Here is my kid holding this Millennium Falcon which he kept playing for hours since I open this for review and still do not want to pass it back to me....

I hope this review will provide you some consider point to choose to get this Millennium Falcon as it is kid's friendly, great in scale and features.

This is the Millennium Falcon as good as it gets if you want to play and display but play with it especially if you are a Father as it would be a good bonding of one generation experience to another.

That being said, it is time to jump to light speed as this is the last post of the year to a New Year.

May the Force be with you. Always.


Hi Leon, how much the price you paid for this? from where you get it? this is by far one of the coolest Star Wars toys ever and I really hope I can get one soon....
LEon said…
Hi David
It is only retail in Singapore around SGD$250. It certainly worth it.

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