ENTERBAY 1/6 IP Man 3 is Hot

IP Man 3 《葉問3》 would be screening soon and this week the 1/6 action figure is currently on sales in Hongkong Toy Soul 2015.

This figure capture the true likeness of the actor even the look in his eye. I am impressed.

As a Kungfu master, he was also given accessories like a Bo.

And also two short close-up sabers. He was also given two suits instead of 1.
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Of course as a Kung Fu master, he work best with his bare hands Wing Chun style fist.

The set comes with all these accessories including different hands and training wooden stand for his Wing Chun training daily.

The backdrop have two side one showing the backdrop of a grand hall another is a cement wall. What interest me was the sign-age of his Wing Chun....

This is purely the IP Man 3 movie edition and it look really awesome as IP Man is older now...

This figure is price at HKD $1,480. The movie will be releasing on Christmas Day in Asia and his opponent in the movie is Mike Tyson and one may ask would there be Mike Tyson?

That is a question of licensing and market demand but this IP Man is HOT!


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