TakaraTomy TRANSFORMERS Master Piece Series MP-27 Ironhide coming

In January 2016, TakaraTomy will be releasing TRANSFORMERS Master Piece Series MP-27 Ironhide.

We can expect Ironhide with G1 design and color theme of Red. 

In vehicle mode it is a good looking van.

You can mount the blaster on top of the vehicle.

When transformed in bot mode, he would have his own packing of his accessories...

The figure is poseable with various articulation point.

Part of it is that you can make him flying with a Jet pack on his pack as add on...

Here is the size comparsion of Ironhide in bot mode and he is close to the height of Optimus Prime.

This masterpiece would be selling at a recommend retail price of 10,000Yen.

So look out for it!


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