Starwar Force Friday Singapore 2015 Report

Today in the early morning, it is #ForceFriday and Singapore also running this event where the upcoming Starwars Episode VII The Force Awakens toys will be releasing.

Here is the short video of the event that happen eariler today at United Square Singapore.

If you are curious what is releasing, here are some of the toys. First the light sabers.

You may Build your own Lightsaber

Masks for cosplay

You have 12" figures

You have 12" figures vehicles

You have 6" figures

You have 6" figures vehicles

You have 3.75" Figure with built weapon

You have 3.75" Figures with armor up features

You have 3.75" Vehicles playset...

The 3.75" Millennium Falcon.

Nerf Blasters...

Micromachines Playset...

All these should be out in retails now. Go and get it!


Luv to see these fans grabbing up their loots. The Stormtrooper Nerf is pretty cool thou....

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