Regarding Anime style painting

Recently there seems to be a growing trend of Anime painting style.

I am not talking about painting in Anime but the painting style on Toys and Model kit like Anime is catching on.

If you still have no idea what I am saying, just look at the below photo.

This create an illusion that you may expect it is painting in an anime pages right?
Well what if I tell you it is a real physical figure?

Now this is what I mean regarding Anime painting style. For the above example are mecha but what if it is on real figure?

Well Son Gokun from Dragonball have a figure on that. Does it look like anime to you?

Basically this was kinda of a "re-paint" of an actual figure and it has become a version by it's own.

Credit Above source.

I guess at this rate, we will be expecting to see more Anime painting style...

Serious only after all these years they can think of that? Hehehe

What's your thought for Anime painting style?


The Gundam Try On 3 is painted so close to manga drawing. They are painting to revert 3D to 2D! Pretty fun concept!
Jcee said…
I personally really like this painting style! Saw that One Piece figure in Japan and just fell in love with the style. I wouldn't mind picking up a few figures like that.

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