On Starwars Sphero's BB-8

I was at the #ForceFriday Starwars in Singapore last Friday and I notice the popular Sphero's BB-8 was on sale. Many went ahead to grab it and it was within my reach and I was facing the same temptation as well. However my budget said to me to find out the on selling price first.

So I asked and I was quoted it is at SGD$268... Well for one I know that it was listed price in US was USD$150.

PS: This post is purely my personal opinion as a consumer and nothing else. BB-8 is still a good and fun product.

There I was considering is it worth the amount I am paying for when I see one by one the BB-8 flying off the shelves. My experience has been telling me to take all the time I need to consider this and I am glad I did.

This toy consist of electronic and mechanical parts. It need to run on battery to run the motor as well. Both of which are not really ideal for a toy collector if you want to collect and keep this toy for a long time.

The battery is built in and it has a charging station and that mean I don't think I can remove the battery if it no longer able to recharge to replace it. 

The video of the opening of the BB-8  shown how the mechanism inside and in order for them to open it, they cut have to cut out the casing manually (granted they may not have proper instruction of how to open it which also mean that information was not provided). Obversely this is not design for parts replacement.

BB-8 uses bluetooth connection to iOS or Andorid device via their custom apps. What if the Bluetooth having issue? How do we replaced that as well?

This toy is a moving object and chances it drop or hit on some surfaces is for certain and in the process if it is not working due to such wear and tear, is there warranty locally in our region to repair it? What does the warranty actually over if it has one? Will it cover cracked casing and water slippage due to drop into a pool?

I consider BB-8 as a like a electronic appliances  as it has electronic parts like bluetooth mobile devices and thus all these warranty and terms need to come into place. Consumer is asking this because of it's price point. It is a fair expectation.

Since there is no spelling of such terms, that really make me cool down on the decision while everyone was excited of what it can do.

I have no doubt in the features, specification and quality. But I do have concern because this is not a normal electronic toys that product sound and light but this has much more than that. The value and fun are the movement, interaction with apps, light and sound. And if any of that is not working, what is the value of this toy?

Personally I buy toys to play and hope it still can be in playable condition in years to come but for the price point and support, I am taking a step back to consider as I know an electronic parts chances of it not working is high after a period of a year plus.

That being said, you never know that I may purchase one in future but at the amount money for now (I have budget on other toys too), I am going to spend on other stuff.

Once again, the above is just purely my opinion. If you like the toy and want to play, just buy it!


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