Master Stars Piece Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan The Son Gokou

Here is a review of one of the coolest Son Gokou from Dragonball series.

It is from the Master Stars Piece series and it is the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan version of Son Gokou.

Now don't laugh at the name as I didn't make it up. It is printed on the box. Look below.

This version is from the recent movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

The side of the box show how good this figure look.

At the back of the box, it show the back of this figure.

Time to Open the Toy!!

And here is the actual figure standing in full height of the box it comes with. The height of this figure is close to 12 inches.

Here are the back view and side view of the SSGSS Son Gokou.

The difference of this version would be the obvious light glowing blue hair and also his shirt having a new logo under a new master, Whis who is also the teacher of Beerus the God of destruction.

I love the details of the shade of the muscles.

Even his shoes have a upgrade to a more modern design. 

Here is the view from top down. The color of his new form hair look striking.

The facial look of this Gokou look good as well. Overall this Gokou is a good upgrade.

Now let's have a comparison of the other Son Gokou of the same Master Stars Piece series. See how good they look together in scale?

And here is the comparison of Super Saiyan Vegeta from the same earlier series.  True to scale I must say.

I was actually hoping they will release the Super Saiyan God version before these but I guess for the new movie promotion, they made this version. Sadly the Super Saiyan God was just a phase which I doubt Gokou will ever be in that form as in the latest movie, even Vegeta obtain the SSGSS form.

Regardless even in this form, both Gokou and Vegeta power level is still lower than Beerus himself....Well let see how the series goes in Dragonball Super.

Which form of Super Saiyan do you like?


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