Yo-Kai Watch Robonyan

Among the whole Yo-kai Watch series, one of the Yo-kai that I am interested is the Robonyan. Why? I can never get to understand why a Robot can be a ghost or spirit.

Anyway as a robot, he is awesome! I certainly welcome it.

For Robonyan, he seems to have quite a lot of features but kinda lack of some expression....

The building up was rather simple as you do not have changing of face expression like the other in the series.

One thing it did have was the opening and closing of his mouth...

You may asked what is the mouth opening and closing for. It is for him to eat chocolate bar that comes with this model kit....

He also able to fly using the his unique stand...

At the back was his jetpack but the effect of his flight seems to come from his butt....

One of his feature is to do the flying punch!!

Overall I love Robonyan among the Yo-kai in the series. I am considering to get the chogokin (diecast) version of him releasing in this month.

Here's a good close up shot of Robonyan! A Yo-kai that almost able to do anything just like Doreamon!

If you watched the Yo-kai Watch series, you would surely fall in love with him.


Cute mecha cat. The chip-off ear looks like it had been marked sterilized : ) the last pic showing the hangar as backdrop is well taken.
Ah, robonyan is a terminator-esk combination of jibanyan (the main yokai in the show) and an attempt by him to "live" on past his friends after the have all "passed away" he succeeds in this and becomes robonyan in the distant future, and from time to time comes back to help the characters in the present...his chip out of his ear is the same as jibanyans, because its really him/cyborg....also rhe chocobar is because jibanyan included in robonyans design, a chocobar maker, for an unlimited supply :)

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