13 May 2015

I am Groot! Bootleg

Perhaps the most popular Guardian of the Galaxy would be Groot and it is rather rare to get the toy in the market and when I saw him, I know I got to get him.

Yes this is actually not a LEGO official Groot because I don't think Official LEGO have this version.

You can call this a bootleg so Decool is the name.

Let's Open the Toy!

This is how Groot toy look like and he look quite good as I remember in the movie.

I think they even improvise some details like the roots or vines on his legs to the chest...

The face they give him a normal expression which is alright as he look the same cool most of the time.

Here is the size comparison between the Rocket who is not the official LEGO too....

I decided to put the bootleg Hulk into the picture to give a scale look. It seems Groot is right with it scale as a tall guy.

As you know the popular ones in Guardians of the Galaxy would be Rocket and Groot. You know they are a great team...

Okay.... but what is seen cannot be unseen.

It is a good thing to have these 2 toys together.

Ya these are bootlegs while some called it LEGO inspire as officially LEGO do not have this design and look they said...

1 comment :

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Since there's no official release from LEGO, that makes this original?! Lol..

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