31 May 2014

[MOC] LEGO 8048 TECHNIC - Scooter

I was not a fan LEGO Technic models until I came across a MOC (My Own Creation) made by Tomáš Vít on his buildinst webpage (http://buildinst.sweb.cz/).

This is the Technic scooter designed by Tomáš Vít. All parts used to build this model comes from the discontinued LEGO 8048 TECHNIC Buggy building set.

I was so interested in this scooter model that I had to hunt for this LEGO 8048 TECHNIC Buggy building set. Fortunately I managed to find and bought a used set of this toy on Bricklink.

I followed Tomáš’ building instructions for this model and successfully built this toy. Let us review this beauty.

Despite the limited number of parts from the 8048 building toy set, I think Tomáš has accurately captured the curved shapes and looks of a scooter in this model.

This model has the classic scooter look and comes complete with steering dashboard, exhaust pipe and even comes with turnable kickstand to prop the scooter when it is parked.

Like all TECHNIC models, this scooter model comes with moving mechanical gears and axles.

This scooter model features a single cylinder engine with yellow piston. When the rear wheel turns, the interconnected gears and axles mechanically operates the piston.

This TECHNIC scooter model is my most favourite model designed by Tomáš Vít. I had a lot of fun building this model. It looks great and has got me interested in other LEGO TECHNIC models.

Thanks Yeetat for sharing again!

26 May 2014

Hello Kitty Bubbly World Tuxedosam McDonalds

Today is another release of Bubbly World of Hello Kitty at McDonalds and one that I felt is the best of the series which is a personal preference. It's Tuxedosam.

Once I open the toy, it was just what I have expected. Hello Kitty in a Tuxedo penguin suit. It is blue in color by the way and not a black for those who think about Penguin.

A close up you can see Hello Kitty and Tuxedosam. However you see the red ribbon on Hello Kitty head kind of cover an eye on the character again like the rest of the series.

Only at a side view you can see the both eye....

It is a very round figure and you can see the Mcdonald sign on one of his feet.

Another cute feature was a tall hat wearing on the side of her head. 

Overall this is one cute toy with good striking colors and cute character.

As I said, this is the best of the rest in theme of the toy but that is purely my opinion. :)

[MOC] LEGO CREATOR 31014 – Dune Hopper

Remember the LEGO CREATOR 31014 Power Digger building toy set? Although the set comes with only 64 brick pieces, this does not stop fellow MOC (My Own Creation) enthusiasts to try and build new models using the same of brick pieces.

I found this Dune Hopper model designed by Jozsef Venczel and posted on mocpages.com. I loved the design of this model and built this toy following his instructions.

What I liked about this Dune Hopper model is it looks very compact and sleek aerodynamic exterior. There are also details like vents, spare tyre holder and headlights built out of assorted brick prices which make the model look accurate.

I can imagine this Dune Hopper is the rally race car of the future. The driver goes racing in rallys across different terrains and the vehicle “jumps” over every hump it encounters.

It is refreshing to know and be able to build this MOC Dune Hopper model. I am sure young children who love futuristic looking cars will enjoy building and playing this little toy.

Thanks Yeetat for sharing again. :)

25 May 2014

KRE-O Transformers Age of Extinction Cell Block Breakout

Few more weeks and the Transformers Age of Extinction movie will be out but the toys seem to be providing hints of what some part is going to be...or so it's seems.

For this KRE-O set, it's a Cell Block Breakout.

This set include a Dinobot, Optimus Prime, a Vehicon and Bumblebee.

Again this set has the Dino Force and with 135 Pieces.

First let us talk about Optimus Prime. Unlike the Optimus Prime we know, this version seems to be the decolored which is the Evasion mode...

however that doesn't help him well as he still got captured by one of the Vehicon that comes with this set...

The playset come with a Cell...

It's a logical guess that this cell is for Optimus Prime as the title of this playset is Cell block breakout...

Here's Optimus Prime saying one of the line in the trailer of gathering an Army...

And he is now lockdown... I mean Lock up in the cell...

The control panel further affirm that this cell is for Optimus Prime as you can see the panel having Optimus Prime's bio...

Next come the part for Bumblebee to rescue Optimus Prime with a little help...

Well not so little actually. It is a flying Dinobots named STRAFE

For Dinobots, it may need different type of persuasion...just saying...

So on that goes to rescue Optimus Prime...

STRAFE wings are actually light reflective foil to give it a light weight. 

Both of STRAFE's feet actually having hidden magnet that allow him to stick metal parts on it easily. In this case, the cell over...

Now Optimus Prime is free!!!

STRAFE will pick up Optimus Prime as Optimus Prime has a metal part on his back... 

Decepticon will not take it laying down. They were given missile pod to fire at the Autobots up in the air.

To launch the missile, simply press the side catch and the missile will shoot out...

Now the questions would be who will win??  

This is a fun playset for kids to create any story they want as I did in this fictional play. The build is simple and all is set once the set is done.

Let's have the group photo of all the pieces in this set... 

This set is going for retail SGD$34.90.

How many fun factor will you give for this set from the scale of 1 lowest to 5 highest?

24 May 2014

Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Coming

If you are a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones (which I am), you would be happy to know there's going to be scale up figures.

Like me, you may think this is from Hottoys or Medicom but it is not. Instead it was from ThreeZero

Not only the head script was good and accurate, the details on the accessories was accurate too.

The figure is around 22cm (8.7") tall with articulated joints. It comes with 2 pairs of exchangeable hands with rings, goblet and a book.

Here is the pair of hands with rings.

Tyrion holding the cup I assume for King Joffrey. In the same picture you can see the King's hands pin on his chest...

Now why they give him a book? Well here is why

“My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind...and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge. That's why I read so much Jon Snow.”

The figure will be up on pre-order on 26 May at 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.threezerostore.com. The figure will be at USD$130.

22 May 2014

LEGO CREATOR 4916 – Rabbit with Carrot

Did you know you could build models of animals using LEGO bricks? LEGO CREATOR 4916 Mini Animals (Note: now discontinued) was one such LEGO building toy set.

Tomáš Vít, a fellow MOC (My Own Creations) builder at http://buildinst.sweb.cz challenged himself to build new alternate models of animals, other than the official designs provided for this LEGO building toy set, with the same brick pieces.

This is the Rabbit with Carrot animal model designed by Tomáš Vít.

I think this is a clever model of the rabbit. The brick pieces provided in this Mini Animals building toy set allowed Tomáš to recreate the physical features of the rabbit accurately.

The use of joint pieces allows the head and limb to move and prop the rabbit model nicely. Look, there are also “leaves” and “carrot” brick pieces for the “eaten carrot”.

Unfortunately, there are no red stud pieces to use for the rabbit’s eyes. Else, this Rabbit model would look even more accurate.

LEGO and MOC builders have never ceased to amaze me with their creations. I look forward to review more of such MOC models designed by fellow builders.

Thanks YeeTat for sharing and reviewing!

20 May 2014

Fly With Super Heroes Singapore Cable Car

Couple of weeks ago, I got a mail addressed to me. It was an invitation from the Department of Super Hero investigation meeting at #Faberpeaksg

No I did not do anything wrong but was informed that the Joker was in Singapore... Thus the Justice League need a base to fight crime. What more strategic to have a high ground at Faber Peak.

So I was there and there they were too. 

Apparently the Singapore car is making cable car experience more fun with chances to meet your DC Super Heroes....

There will be pack of activities from June 2014 till March 2015...

You can take selfie with your Super Heroes both in the cable car or at the cable car station. There will be Super Heroes merchandises and you can take photo as if you are flying.

For the ride, each Cable car is decorated with different Super Heroes

Inside the Cable car, there are some special QR code which you need to download an "Fly with Super Heroes" app which both support on Android and iTune. With that app, you can take photo with Super Heroes beside you during your cable ride!

It is a fun way to travel they said and they are right especially with Super Heroes...

Singapore cable car is having promotion now for those who order their tickets early. Check them out. 
If you plan to visit Singapore, this give you a good reason to take the cable car. LOL

Well The Joker now have to think twice of what he is going to do as the Super Heroes are here...

Why so serious??

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