30 March 2014

Superman Never say Yes to a Cigarette

Comic super hero has always be influential as most child look at them as role model. If it is put into good use, it may achieve marvellous result. One of those cases happen to me and it is about Superman.

Back in the early 80s, Singapore Ministry of Health under Training and Health Education Department decided to roll out a project using Superman to promote saying No to Cigarette. I read the campaign on a local newspaper and I decided to fill in the form on the newspaper and sent it to them.

Within a week, my parents was shocked to receive a big envelope with my name on it in my mailbox from the Singapore Ministry of Health since I was in my lower primary school. I was equally surprise as I never expect after joining the campaign there will be a reply with something given to me.

I opened up the big envelope and in it was a big Superman comic book! Yes it was my first Superman comic as my pocket money daily would never amount to afford an english comic book.

Here is the comic book that I received and it was the story of Superman against a villain called Nick O' Teen. 

So here is Nick O' Teen, a villain that it was not in DC comic but created just for this campaign. 




Here come Superman!!

Here where the action begin!!


Apparently this campaign was around the world and here is a advertisement of this campaign in UK.

That is not all, I was given a badge and a certificate with my name on it and with Superman Signature!!

As innocent as a child back then, I believe Superman did write my name and signed on that cert. Because of that in a young age, I know smoking is harmful and bad. Ever since then when I was face with peer pressure and offer a cigarette in my growing up years, I remember this campaign and did not pick up the offer for a smoke.

I guess this campaign works for me.

Never say Yes to a Cigarette for Life Dudes. :)

29 March 2014

TMNT and Furby McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Singapore

Starting this week for the next four weeks, McDonalds is having Nickelodeon Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles and Hasbro Furby for the Happy meal toys.

Starting of this week would be Raphael

The week after would be Leonardo, Michaelangello and Donatello

As for Furby would be the Plush Turquoise & Purple Furby

Follow by Pink, White and Red.

Interesting to collect I must say. Good luck guys!

25 March 2014

Transformers Prime Dreadwing

Dreadwing, one of the Decepticon that I love in the Transformers Prime series. For the toy, it bring justification to grab this beauty.

He appear in deluxe and voyager class and I have to get this voyager class as it is the best that have to offer from Hasbro.

Dreadwing,  a fierce-some character with a good sense of intergity that met with a sad ending in the series. For that I have to get this character!

The back of the package offers that write up on this toy but I am not really into the accessories...okay maybe just the sword but the blaster maybe not so much.

It is a tradition for Hasbro to have technical or Bio data and from the data you can give a gauge how smart of powerful this character was.

Time to Open the Toy!!!

Out of the package cover, here's how Dreadwing was tied up.

So here is Dreadwing with good balance built to this figure. 

The back of Dreadwing allow you to see his wings with proud display of Decepticon logo.

The side view of Dreadwing are pretty beef up.

A close up of Dreadwing of his facial could be better but the likeness was there.

He comes with 2 accessories. A sword and a blaster.

The Blaster has a gimmick LED when you transform the blaster which should make kids happy.

I prefer him having a sword any day. Of course that's my personal preferences. The sword however look small for his size.

You can put the blaster on his hand and full extend it with a finger...

You should be able to see the LED light when you do.

You can store both weapons on his back in Robot mode and it look good. 

Time for it to transform to a Jet mode and it seems tradition to see if they are able to be in a walker mode from Macross series and this Dreadwing can! Bonus!!

Ok Jet mode. Look really nice. One of the best Jet mode I have seen for a long time from Transformers. Totally worth it!

Not a everyday sight to be able to see Decepticon or Autobot logo on current Transformers design...but this one do. I like!! 

Even on the side mode, the Jet mode look pretty balance of how a Jet proportion should be.

You may mount the weapon on the back of the Jet but it just does not appeal to me on that option.

Overall I really love this Dreadwing and it was one of those figures that flew out of the shelves. I was bless to able to get hold of one without much hesitation.

An awesome figure worthly of a Decepticon Seeker.  Love it!!

Do you love this Dreadwing too?

23 March 2014

My Star Wars Figures turned Yellow

As a toy collector, I bought some toys and due to space constraint, I have to put some toys into storage. As you know out of sight, out of mind...and just one fine day I decided to check on some storage toys and here what happened for a decade old Star Wars figures.

This is Snow Troopers and I still have not open it because of space issue and it is disheartening to find some part of the figure turning yellow.  

Here is the comparison.This figure was keep away from Sunlight and it is seal in card. Obviously keeping in card does not help on the condition it turn yellow for some formerly white plastic parts.

The fate is the same should it be open. Most of my Star Wars white figures are turning yellow. It is a international issue for toys.

Here's one of my AT-AT Driver.

You can see some of the transpartent rubber band is "dissolving" and affecting some parts. I will certainly have to open these toys soon.

That being said, I am not blaming the toy maker for this as they never promised toys will not turned yellow or last forever. To think of that is too much to demand depending on the price tag you paid for your toys collection. These toys were made for playing actually and are for kids.
 I am still alright as the value I paid for these toys are still reasonable. I cannot imagine if I would spend over hundreds on a single toy and these thing happen over time.

This does not affect me a bit as I am not reselling these toys but I pity those who used to buy loads to "invest". 

As I said before, when the toy is new, have fun and keep some memories as toys do not last forever and either do us. We have a limited time span. Enjoy your toys when you are young.

May the Force be with you... Always.

Do you have toys that turned yellow over time?

22 March 2014

Star Trek KRE-O USS Enterprise

Get ready to go somewhere that no man go before...Well here is a review of Hasbro KRE-O USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

Thanks to Yeetat who allow me to review this giant kit. This KRE-O Startrek USS Enterprise when fully built has the length around 1 meter.

This kit done a good job in capturing the look of the Enterprise from the latest Startrek movie.

The weight of the whole complete kit is not too heavy and it is quite steady in general.

At the both tail of the ship mark the NCC-1701

The kit allow opening function to expose the warp engines on both side.

The bottom of the ship is an engineering hull there are a missile for playing. 

You just need to load the projectile and press the button at the side and it will spring off the projectile. 

Underneath the Engineering hull for this kit is a real AAA batteries compartment and by pressing the button, it will turn the 3 LEDs up. You can switch to 3 different LEDs blinking mode by pressing the button.

Here are all the 3 LED lighting up. pretty cool if you asked me. The flip side is the lighting period was rather short. Maybe it is to conserve the batteries consumption. 

Within the Primary hull is where the characters should be. Unfortunelately the figure do not fit in with the cover close so I improvise for these two shots. You can see captain kirk. 

and Spock! Nice?

If you remove the cover of the primary hull, you will see the cock pit of the Enterprise with Captain in yellow sitting in the middle with his men around various station.

You get to see some control board...

While at the front a wide screen of space appear with some control panels.

Time to get these men out of their ship to explore. The figurines comes with their phaser weapons.

The 2 main lead, Captain Kirk and Spock. One about logic and order while the other breaking all the rules whenever possible.

I am one of those who love the remake recently of Star Trek. It was a good make over with good visual and storyline. A good thing was Spock remain of how he was in the old series.

There are many who like to compare Star Trek with Star Wars but there are so different in storyline. I do not see a point comparing or take side as both are serving different audience group.

To be honest, Star Trek are more down to earth without special power or any sort nor a thing call destiny. Star Trek characters do not have special power. All they depend was some technology gadget and some wits to turn something around. 

Overall this kit bring justice to the franchise and it look good on the complete model in KRE-O form. It would be a good to have if you are a Star Trek fan. It do need good space to display this finished kit which I do not have that luxury to display. 

If there is one thing I remember about Star Trek, it would be "The need of many out weight the need of a few." True?

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