31 January 2014

My Little Pony Neon-Bright Ribbon Wishes

Since today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I will review My Little Pony  from Hasbro since this is the year of the Zodiac Horse.

I received this from a small token from Hasbro and it's the Neon-Bright series of mini My Little Pony figure. It is a blind pack and I have no idea which Pony is inside.

As you can see there are all 24 of them and I originally had none. Anything will do I say. Just give me a Lucky Pony for the new year!!

I got Ribbon Wishes!! I take this as a good sign for the new year! Hehehe

Isn't she cute?

She is a Unicorn!! Even better!!

Her tattoo true to her name to have a Magic wand. 

Her mane are Blue, purple and turquise in colors with nice curls.

As this pony are rather translucent, she will look great with good lightning shining through her. So I did. See how she seems to glow?

Even more so with the lightning shining from below. So Lunar new year mood!

It is good to have a horse for the beginning of the year and since Ribbon Wishes is red in colors, it is truly a good new year colors. If you can, get one horse for the new year too for good luck!

Here's my best wishes to you for this new year! May success follow you through out the year with the hardwork you put in.

To all those who are reading this, Happy Lunar New Year and Gong Xi Fai Cai!!

Remember Friendship is Magic ~~~* 

29 January 2014

7-11 HG RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. GFT

It seems like a annual event that 7-11 department store in Japan would roll out a custom Gunpla and 2014 is RX-93 Nu Gundam!

It will be rolling out this month in Japan as a limited item.

You can see that the color theme was Green, Yellow and White.

Much of 7-11 branding lies on the decals.

This HG set is for listed price of 2,625 Yen.

If you happen to be in Japan, it would be a good to get item.

27 January 2014

Tiny Starwars Stickers

There's come a age where collecting stickers are fun especially when you see some good looking or cute design. The issue is always finding a special place to stick it or you just want to keep it as it is somewhere.

I never thought I will buy and collect some stickers until I saw these special Starwars stickers which are really cheap in Japan. It was selling for just 100 Yen and they are official product.

The drawing was unique and although it was SD type, it remain westernize drawing which suited well for these Starwars.

There are 40 design and I thought initially these are those random getting a certain design blind pack where the makers want the customer to buy the whole box in order to form a set but it was not. One single pack will be having the 40 designs. How cool is that?!

I opened it up and display and check if it is really all 40 designs and they are all there. Cool!

Each of these stickers are tiny. Average height of each is around 2 to 3 cm. I am however impressed by the quality of print and cutting around each of the stickers which each has unique shape.

You have some logo of Empire and Rebels which is real cool. The others are characters of Starwars drawn in very manner.

There are also some vehicles of Starwars such as Millennium falcon, interceptor, X-wing and etc.

Some of the characters stickers if you place them in certain manner can make into fun scene such as this which caught in the cross fire. LOL

Or Princess Leia in disguise playing ball with AT-AT.

These are fun stickers but they are really tiny but for the price of 100 Yen and it's quality, I cannot complain much.

If you are wondering about if I will stick it on somewhere, I have gone far of that age to stick stickers. So I will just keep it and from time to time look at it... That is if my son don't discover it and start sticking on some things when I was not around. LOL

How do you fun such stickers? Do you still collecting some stickers with you?

Minecraft Toy is here

Minecraft, a popular computer game of building now having it own toys selling in Singapore. These are fully articulated toy figure that is not made of paper.

Here is Overworld Steve

The famous Creeper with TNT!

Survival Pack Steve with loads of accessories...

Zombie and Enderman...

Now the following are Paper Craft for you to build and play...

It comes with more massive box like 90 pieces.

Anyone playing Minecraft?

26 January 2014

The LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles - [Rescue Truck]

Our guest Yee Tat will be continuing to review the new LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles which is the Rescue Truck!

Today I will review the Rescue Truck toy built from LEGO bricks following the instructions of this book.

The LEGO Build-It Book : Amazing Vehicles book is authored by Nathanaƫl Kuipers and all building instructions in the book were drawn by Mattia Zamboni.

The book features 10 alternate building toys designed by Kuipers, complete with building instructions, which you can follow and build. The book provides a list of LEGO bricks you to go gather separately or you can get all bricks from your old LEGO Creator 5867 building toy set if you own one.

The Rescue Truck toy featured on the book cover looked so exciting and awesome. So I had to get this book and build this toy myself.

I think this Rescue Truck looks almost like a Fire Brigade Truck equipped with a cherry picker arm and bucket.

You can recognize the long wheelbase, massive front grille and hazard lights built on the toy.

The cherry picker arm is rotatable and can unfold to lift the bucket to reach tall places.

Unfortunately, the hinge piece which holds the arm section with the empty bucket can slip from time to time. It does not always 'lock' the arm section at the specific height I wanted. This also means if I put a minifigure in the bucket it becomes too heavy to lift.

I was disappointed to find that the doors of this Rescue Truck toy cannot be opened. I also had to be careful when I build and play this toy. Due to the alternate building instructions, some parts are not designed as tightly secured and can fall apart easily.

Although the Rescue Truck toy build is not as fully playable nor is of the same build standard like one built from usual LEGO building toy instructions, this Rescue Truck looks very good by itself.

If you have a LEGO Creator 5867 set lying at home, or you own the bricks listed in the book, you must get The LEGO Build-It Book : Amazing Vehicles book for many more hours of brick building toy fun.

Thank you Yee Tat for sharing with us his LEGO collection again!

25 January 2014

TakaraTomy ANIA Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros which most call it as Rhino more often or not. Rhino often give an impression of Power and endurance. Power by it sheer size while endurance due to it's thick armor looking layer of skin.Rhino would made it in my list of animal toy for that reason.

Although it has such power, not much incident of Rhino hurting anyone as it is a herbivore but easily weight a ton. It's only weapon of defense would be his weight plus this intimidating front horn.

For the toy, it can mimic Rhino attacking which allow articulating just a little bit on it's neck for up and down.

I have two Rhinoceros for this review to make it interesting. I would guess these are the White Rhino for the breed.

At the lower belly was the mark of TOMY and it was made in China.

The back of the tail give an impression as it is swapping the flies away from the butt. Maybe not so much flies as the dung beetles would likely to clear the poops away.

As massive as these Rhinoceros, they should not have much predators but the humans. Sad thing was they were not hunt for food but just for their horn. There are cases where some horn was just removed leaving them to survive without a horn...

I cannot imagine how life for Rhino without their horn and I couldn't believe that they are to the edge of extinction all because of their horns.

Sorry that I always goes sentimental when I review animals in particular.
I just hope these Rhino toys will not be the only images of memory in the next few generations. Because if it does, it is really a sad day for human race...

22 January 2014

LEGO CHIMA The Legend Beast Series

If you have catch the TV series of CHIMA which I have during the end of last year, you will notice one of the episode a Legendary Beast appear out of no where to assist the animal of that tribe. It was the Lions that came a huge Lion Legendary Beast.

The Lion alliance are the Gorillas with their Legend Beast...

And the Eagle having their Legend Eagle Beast that takes the dominant of the Sky.

On the evil side, the Cros also have their own Crocodile Legend Beast

And the Wolf which rob from the weak.

It would be a good choice with you like a Beast for the character to ride and it is the Legend Beast which will help them in battle or War.

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