17 November 2014

One Piece arrived at McDonalds Singapore

Without we knowing, Singapore McDonalds had surprise us with the popular anime One Piece collectiables for their Happy Extra value Meal purchases.

This should be the first time we see a Japanese Anime figures beside pokemon for McDonalds Singapore.
The Nine figurines will be on sale island-wide starting today 17 November 2014 to 8 December 2014 with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal with additional S$2.95 each. Note only one toy per EXTRA value meal.

From 17 November to 23 November is Zoro and Robin

From 24 November to 30 November is Franky and Chopper

From 1 December to 7 December is Sanji and Brook

From 8 December to 7 December is Nami and Usopp

Also the leader Luffy.

For the “Thousand.Sunny” paper model ship is SGD$3.95 would be only limited to 100 of them in each outlet. So if you really want to get that, you have to be fast.

McDonald’s will be also organizing an Instagram contest from now till 21 November 2014 for top One Piece fans. You just need to post Instagram and hashtag #McDSGOnePiece with another One Piece related (toys, cosplay together with the first week figuries Zoro and Robin).

The top 30 creative images will be invited to an exclusive One Piece Fan Appreciation Party on 28 November.

The top two knowledgable one piece fans will win a 3 day passes to the Anime Festival Asia Singapore in December.

One Piece fans, start collecting now!!

Updates: You may read our review on other figures in this series, Sanji, Franky, Chopper, Zoro, Nico Robin, Brook, Nami , Usopp, and Luffy


Amirul Ja'afar said...

is there anyway that I can buy Franky?

Amirul Ja'afar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yeung raymond said...

Is there any place for thousand sunny?

LEon said...

You can download the paper template for Thousand Sunny here and print and do yourself

Joanne See said...

I want zoro, anyone want to exchange zoro?

Joanne See said...

Anyone want ship? Exchange zoro..

Jessie Soh said...

Anyone has sanji? Willing to pay $10. Pls email me. Thanks

Soon Chye said...

Hi , anyone has extra franky, willing to trade with sanji or $5. Contact me ,thx.

tan mingli said...

Hi....Joanne,I would like to change my zoro v ur ship

Joel Tan said...

Want to buy Sanji and Franky, contact me at 84613446.

Jay Jay said...

looking for franky n sanji

Jay Jay said...

looking for sanji n franky ctc 84613446

Azino87 said...

want to buy Robin, zoro, choper, sanji and franky. whatsapp me 86613392

Lonely Guy said...

Want to buy zoro and robin msg me 84288983

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