07 August 2014

Kitan Club Street Fighter II Prostrate Strap

Kitan Club has been doing quite a number of funny capsule toys and the release recently was Street Fighters II characters doing that Prostrating pose of apologies.

Well not of the characters but those normal players (Not boss) in Streets Fighters II.
Characters like the wrestling character like E.Honda and Zangief.

Guile and Chunli...

Blanka which is in his elements as he always give out shock close to this position...

No forgetting Ryu and Ken with this comparison of the length of Dhalsim (around 10cm)

Apart for these 8 characters, there will be a secret character which suggest Evil Ryu...

If you wonder how the face look like from the bottom, you can see all of them are very sorrowful....

These capsule toys were schedule to release in July and each is on listed price of 300 Yen per turn.

If I see these in capsule machine I will try my luck to see what is still available.

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