Hot Toys 1:6 Batman: Arkham City coming

For a video game player who played the Batman series on PS3, my favorites would be the middle installment Batman: Arkham City.

As I heard Hot toys will be releasing the  Batman from Arkham City in 1:6 scale, I got excited with these preview photos. Totally capture the Batman in the game.

The suit texture and proportion is as accurate as the game.

No thick armor but just basic protection suit with long pointy Bat ears and thick cape that is useful for battle.

Close up on the look as the character in the game.

Some of Batman's gadgets that if you play the game, you will really appreciate it. These devices only do one thing but it is exactly the function you need in some part of the game. .

The figure offers different facial expression as well.

Here is the accessories and parts of this Batman.

This would certainly be one if not the most popular Batman would ever sell so far from Hottoys.

Save up your money for this as it should release some where in the first part of 2015.

Not too sure will there be others in the series to be release but you never know. It could be. :)


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