30 August 2014

LEGO Microfighters 75032 X-Wing Fighter

One of my all time favorite and I bet many are was the X-wing fighter in Starwars. When the Microfighters has a release, I knew I have to get one!

It is not only a vehicle and a mini figure,it comes with an R2! but it is just the head of R2. LOL

It took me just about 20 minutes to put this 97 pieces together and I love the design overall. Really cute.

First thing first, LEGO did design this with consistency of having the X-Wing's wings to have open to X position.

The back view was quite plain but still you can see some engine lighting from the back.

On the side, the scale look really SD. The four missiles on each of the wings would shoot off.

There is a Droid head included to be place at the top of the X-wings.

This Droid suppose to be an assistance pilot if the pilot is down...

Now a review on the X-wing pilot who have a short blaster for self defense.

This LEGO figure provide 2 facial expression which allow the user to switch the expression by turning the head.

The detail on the helmet is well printed too.

Now with this, it is a good company with my LEGO MicroFighter Interceptor. They make a great pair. 

Overall I find this is a good LEGO for Starwars fans with a reasonable price tag. Great for desk display.

Okay that's all for now. Time to take off!

28 August 2014

Hot Wheels Elite BACK TO THE FUTURE TIME MACHINE with Mr. Fusion

The Future is back! What I mean is there are more and more Back to the Future collectible toys coming and to add that in the list would be from Hotwheels!

yes a 1:18 Back to the Future Time Machine!

This would be the one that appear at the end of Back to the Future 1 movie as it has Mr Fusion for the power of the time machine!

The door can be open and reveal the details of it.

Here's the top view of the time machine.

I do not know why the bonnet is empty....

you can see there are great detail that appear in the movie in this vehicle. First you notice there was an alarm clock....Not only that, they throw in the pink hover board.

This good looking set will be releasing in October 2014 listed price of USD$159.99

It is up to collection to deem in their entertainment value.

27 August 2014

Gundam Expo Singapore 2014 Coming

September is going to be an awesome week as Gundam Expo Singapore 2014 will be held again!

This time it would be from 10 to 21 September at Bugis+ Atrium level 2!

The event will have Exhibition on Gundam Build fighter goodies, 3D mapping and loads of display of GBWC 2014 entries!

There will be activities like Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 screening, Mr Kawaguchi giving tips on Gunpla modelling, Gundam Cosplay and Gunpla caravan for kids to learn how to build Gunpla!

There would be limited items like RG Destiny Gundam Heine westenfluss color version

MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Clear version

HG Gundam Astray Gold Frame mina custom coating clear

We will also will be having some goodies in line with this Gundam Expo Singapore. So please stay with us here for more news in information as days get closer. :)

26 August 2014

S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Android 16 Coming

Since Bandai has roll out the S.H. Figuarts Android 17 and 18, it is no surprising there are releasing the big size but gentle in heart Android 16 aka 人造人間16号 .

Unique to the Manga, this Android 16 come with flying punches with an attack facial expression.

There is also a damage head that is also true to the Manga.

If you have faithfully purchase Android 17 and 18, this Android 16 will complete the look as they are to scale!

Like the rest of the Android, this would be a web exclusive which mean only for Japan. Although US will have it's supply but for the rest of Asia (exclude Japan), you have to pay much more for this.

The retail price is 5,940 Yen and will be releasing in February 2015.

25 August 2014

Exclusive launches & Booth highlights @STGCC 2014

We are just a week away from STGCC 2014 and here are the booth highlight where you can see all the Japanese goodies from Banpresto, Gundam Duel Company with the latest Hybrid trading card game and Good Smile Company.

For Launches there areEnglish Edition Manga like Pokemon B&W and Doraemon. Cherry Credits will be there to launch their new game Puzzle Coin Hunter.

Bandai Tamashii Nation will be releasing S.H.Figuarts Batman and Joker from the game Injustice.
If you visit the booth, be sure to snap picture of the Dragonball art wall and post on Bandai Tamashii Nation facebook and stand a chance to win some prizes!

Open the Toy will be covering this year STGCC on 6 to 7 September at Marina Bay Sands so please check back on the updates!

Remember to get your STGCC tickets for this event!

23 August 2014

My First experience of Gundam Duel Company

For Gundam fans, you may like to know there's a recent new release of Gundam mobile suit game card and it is called Gundam Duel Company.

This game particularly allow user to direct various Mobile suit and pilots to go for battle. It is a free game on the internet but you can also purchase some mobile suite units and pilots in card form to register and add-on.

I started off the game with a Special order from E.F.F (yes I am a old schooler) that cost SGD$12.50.

What is in the pack you may asked? Here is the list.

If you are wondering what is R3, R2 and R1 in the cards, it mean R for Rare. The higher the number mean higher the rarity.

In this case, the highest in this pack is RX-78 Gundam! If you are lover of cards, you will see the uniqueness of this card is having chrome paint on some of the wording.

The other card Guncanon have some sparkling effect too.  Look really special.

Amuro Ray the well known pilot also have special effect on the card.

In the game there are two type of Mobile suit. Customized are those rare type which in the game allow combination of 3 of the same type to have a more powerful unit. It will have better rate of getting the shot through and evading attacks .

As for Mass production Mobile suit, you can add 27 of the same model in cards to have a more powerful unit.

For starter pack, Bandai offer four choices. Just pick your pick.

Here is a video on the game.
Once you login the game, you can start registered your cards and that unit will be added to your troops. The great thing is that you are also able to unregistered cards if one day you want to pass some of the cards to swap with your friends.

In the game, you get earn more mobile suit and pilots but there are some cards which you can have a booster add on and it comes with 3 cards randomly in a pack that cost SGD$4.80.

Here are the list of cards in this box. You may click to enlarge to read.

In the game, you can set your formation according to your mobile suit and pilots. All you need to go for mission and conquest to earn more ranking so you can get more mobile suit and pilot.

If you are a Gundam fan, this is one game that allow you direct your conquest and collect good looking cards. For cards collectors, this is a plus.

Here's a Guntank card with my Guntank collection. :D Look good?

Give this game a try as it is free to register and even if you do not get a starter pack, there are some mobile suit allocated to let you start off. Of course having starter pack will give you some advantages.


21 August 2014

Hot Toys 1:6 Batman: Arkham City coming

For a video game player who played the Batman series on PS3, my favorites would be the middle installment Batman: Arkham City.

As I heard Hot toys will be releasing the  Batman from Arkham City in 1:6 scale, I got excited with these preview photos. Totally capture the Batman in the game.

The suit texture and proportion is as accurate as the game.

No thick armor but just basic protection suit with long pointy Bat ears and thick cape that is useful for battle.

Close up on the look as the character in the game.

Some of Batman's gadgets that if you play the game, you will really appreciate it. These devices only do one thing but it is exactly the function you need in some part of the game. .

The figure offers different facial expression as well.

Here is the accessories and parts of this Batman.

This would certainly be one if not the most popular Batman would ever sell so far from Hottoys.

Save up your money for this as it should release some where in the first part of 2015.

Not too sure will there be others in the series to be release but you never know. It could be. :)

19 August 2014

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Toys preview

Do you know there will be a new animated series from the Transformers series and it is called Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Here are some of the preview of the toys in the series.

Bumblebee has been redesign and this is the Warrior class.

Another Bumblebee from the Transformers Robots in Disguise Hyperchange as this version should be a easy change toy...

Transformers Robots in Disguise Legion class Strongarm...

Transformers Robots in Disguise One-Step Changer Sideswipe and you may have notice there is a Chinese wording "SPEED" on the chest of this toy.

The only Decepticon that was expose was this Transformers Robots in Disguise One-Step Changer Underbite

There is a Transformers Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime in Legion scale...

Hope there will be more to share in time to come. Are you excited for the new Tranformers animation TV series?

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