Funan Anime Matsuri Cosplay & Tamashii Nations Display

Today is the beginning of the Funan Anime Matsuri Cosplay event at Funan IT mall. The event would be hosted at the ground floor Main Artium. You won't missed it.

In that limited space, there are couples of events going on. One of which is the Tournaments of Bushiroad card games.

In the main stage, there will be various Anime playing LIVE and you can sit around and watch it.

There are a stall that sell Japanese food and snacks. The Japanese Ice cream selling just for SGD$2!

There are various shops like Good Smile and Bandai products selling at the booth. One of which is this from One Piece.

One Piece AR cards was selling there alone with other One Pieces model kits!

For more Anime Matsuri cosplay, you may go and read at their website

On the 5th floor, there was some display of Takashii nation products. Robot Spirit Gundan Unicorn girls...

In September, S.H.Figuarts will be releasing Michael Jackson smooth criminal

For Dragonball, not much will be releasing on our end as the collector are most are web exclusive and cannot bring into Singapore...

Figuart Zero will be releasing more One Piece.

Sailor-moon Anime will be re-releasing and so was the figures...

Naturo also will be releasing an action figure itself for the S.H,Figuarts...

Saint  Seiya still doing his think.

Also some of the Karmen Rider Zangetsu Melon Arms...

You may get to experience more if you are there.


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