Star Wars May the Fourth Day 2014 @ Jurong Regional Library

Today is May the 4th and it is a day where Starwars fan around the world celebrate Starwars a pop culture science fiction movie that is still popular close to four decades.

In Singapore today a event has started at Jurong Regional Library Singapore with #maythe4thsg Starwars theme.

The event attracts many Starwars fan young and old with promise of Toys, fun activities and displays.

For toys there are display of wide range of Starwars toys history and diorama like Episode II attack of the clones...

Episode IV, a New Hope where R2D2 was captured by the Jawas...

A wide range of the 1990s Power of the Force by Kenner whcih still in Mint in Card condition.

And also some of the Vintage Starwars figures which I grew up with...

One of the highlights was the artist redesign Stormtroopers' helmet.

Most of the helmet are done according to the artist's styles.

While others familiar crossover...

Yet there are some that totally you never expected. Awesome!!

There were fun activities like Yoda paper folding.

Light saber training by Jedi...

Not forgetting cosplay by the Singapore 501st Legion

I would like to thank Mr.B to share these photo and coverage for us here at Openthetoy.

How did you celebrate May the 4th?


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