TOYTAKU on iTune and Google Play

Ever since Google reader closed down, it kinda affect me in order to go one source to read about toys news RSS which I subscribed. That doesn't help when I see some local toy forum disappearing too.

Since nowadays most of us are using Smart phone, it would make sense to have an app to draw toy communities closer. Finally there is one. It is called TOYTAKU.

TOYTAKU is a new apps that aim to draw toy collectors together to have sharing of their photos of collections, interaction, reading of latest toys news and review from all over the world.

The toy content are group in various Category.

You can post in Forum to discuss topics...

Read some of the latest News and Review from various websites.

One of the cool features is the ability to take photo of your toys and it provide various filters before posting.

Each of your photo you share provide other viewers a chance to interact with you and like your photo.

Currently the communities are very new but I do foresee the potential of fun for toy collectors to interact and share on their hobbies. 

TOYTAKU is a FREE app and is avaliable on both iTunes and Google Play

Try it out and let me know if you like it! Have fun!!


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