Nickelodeon TMNT 3D Deco Light

In darkness, it is always good to have friends that light the way. What more if your friends are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Now 3D Deco Light is bring you Nickelodeon TMNT!

Here's Michaelangello as a night light.

The Night light comes with wall cracking decoration when you fit on the wall, it will seems the head of Michaelangello has enter the roo,.

here is a video to introduce the product.

Next will be Leonardo.


And Raphael...

If the head is not enough for decoration, you may get the hands to make it feel like the Turtles will be in the room anytime.

Here's how they look like if they were lighten up in the dark room...

There are currently on sales in US for USD$30.00


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