Transformers 4 Toys Preview

We have more news on the coming Transformers 4 movies and here are the some of the preview of the some of the simple line of the series which is a One-Step Changers.

As these are simple line which is like legend or commander series so don't expect much articulation. Even so these are preview photo which may defer with the actual release. At least it give some preview of what to expect.

First is Grimlock which is wearing much of Japanese Samurai helmet. Giving a much oriental feel.

In Dino mode or should I say Dragon mode as many would expect it should be T-Rex as G1 well in some way it seems to be expect it has horns. Yes horn like the oriental Dragon.

Optimus Prime went through some minor remake but still very much a truck with it same flaming design.

Military vehicle from Autobots, it's Hound not Bulkhead.

Autobots Drift suppose to be wearing Samurai type of helmet in robot mode too. Vehicle very Jazz like which is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Cool!

Another Sport car series from Autobot of Crosshairs which is a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray.

Another Dinobot is Slash more like raptor in Dino mode...

The Decepticon is Lockdown in black sport car design

Decepticon Stinger of which is a Pagani Huayra

These should be releasing in May for USD$9.99. More of Transformers 4 toys later. Stay tune!


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