Tomica Nissan GT-R

Today I am going to review a Nissan GT-R model car from Tomica series

This Nissan GT-R model is 1/61 which rather small in the Tomica series with the number of 94 in that regular series.

To make this car model under Tomica of course it a must to obtain official licensing from NISSAN and it is printed at the back of the box.

Out of box, the car is covered with sparking silver paint which compliment on the diecast body of the car. You can see the detail of the GT-R logo at the front of the car even thought it was 1/61 scale.

At the back you can see more details of the signal lights and NISSAN logo, GT-R logo and the license Plate which is NISSAN. More like a display car.

On the side view, you can see the smooth design of GT-R with long front and short back. It is rather disappointed there are lack of details on the wheel rims. If only they can make some muscle car wheels rims.

Here's the top view of the Nissan GT-R.

Both of the car doors can be open but it is only open to some extend.

Overall if you like Nissan GT-R or play Gran Turismo 5, this is a good model car to collect and for the price and scale, this diecast model is a good buy.

Are you into Nissan GT-R?


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