Tomica Kumamon

Japan has many mascot and most of them are cute for carry products or campaigns. One in recent was a big hit in Japan and it is Kumamon.

Kumamon was originally created to be a mascot for Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu back in 2010. His mission was for Kumamoto Surprise campaign to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen train line was opened.

Soon he grew popular in Japan and it was so popular now that Tomica is having a Kumamon vehicle just for him. This version is only selling in Japan and I was lucky to grab one to have a review.

Kumamon is in the Dream Tomica Series.

And on the side of the box, Kumamon logo which said "Kumamoto Surprise" in Japanese.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of the box, it's a glossy black car with Kumamon face for the front of the vehicle. Although the feature of the face is there, somehow looking from the front, you don't really get to see and know this was a bear compare to Rilakkuma series...

From the right side of the vehicle you get to see the headlight is actually the ear of Kumamon and not the eyes. You can see the stripe on the door but there isn't any wording. That suppose to be a ribbon that go around Kumamon actually. Now this vehicle look familiar to you in anyway?  I will get to that a little later.

Looking from the back view, you will get to see the back light are paw print of the bear and notice the window shape?

On the left side of the vehicle you get to see the other side of the ribbon with Kumamon name on it. You can see the wheel was rather classic too with solid white rims.

At the bottom you get to see the Tomica maker sign and it was made in China and not Vietnam as some of the Tomica were made there.

Now if you find this vehicle familiar because this is taking sample of Volkswagen Beetle design. It just the head was put a Kumamon face but otherwise it resemble G1 Bumblebee perfectly. 

That was one of the reason I like this Kumamon vehicle.

This toy is only for sale in Japan only. Which mean you may not find this in local retail shop. However if you head down to some Tomica shop like Let's play, you may be able to get hold of it.

If you like Kumamon, this is one vehicle you may want to get. Oh do you know Kumamon has it's own blog too but in Japanese of course?

Are you a Kumamon fan? 


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