Playmobil Ninja

One of the Playmobil series 5 figures I longed to get was the Ninja and I had a hard time to find one by heading down to retail and try my skill to get the Ninja. You would understand because we are talking about the Ninja here.

If it was easy, he won't be a Ninja. LOL

So here he is. The Ninja from series 5 and finally he has joined up!

I can't say I am really happy because there are something of the figure that bother me which I will come to that later. Let's have a head to toe review.

First Ninja should wear a mask and checked. He does come with a mask with frowning eye. Good! I like!

Ninja should be armed and he did with 2 Katana swords and one flying dagger. No complain there.

Even the 2 swords can be fitted at the back as how Ninja should be. Awesome!

Being a Ninja and having Ninja shoes like traditional Japanese wear. That is good!

Now being a Ninja you need to wear black attire for ease to hind in shadows but what is there Neon looking on the chest? Is it a ninja clan logo and why is it not tactical? This bother me. It seems the whole Ninja thing go down the drain by this detail as it scream out on the whole design.

If you have extra hair, you could change him with out his hat like this which look cool too.

Let's go back to the accessories shall we. You can get him to hold both Swords...

Doing some good ninja poses!

As for the dagger you can let him hold in anyway to make it as a throwing knife. Actually some Shurikens would be nice...

Overall this is a good Ninja figure but as you can see in the photo, the chest logo is shouting out as the attention as it should not.

Well anyway I can get another body to kinda fix that but if they would put some thoughts of better design it would be good too.

Do you like this Ninja?


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