My Visit to LEGOLAND Water Park

It was in the afternoon that we decided to head for the LEGOLAND Water Park which I was looking forward too especially the whole day under the hot sun and getting sleepy after meal.

The first thing after we enter is to get change and I was impressed by the digital system of locker allocation for visitor to use. Normally with my family, a normal locker was not enough but they have a bigger locker for family which is good for rental. Quickly get change and I want to get into the water.

The whole water park has a number of feature for all ages. For younger children, they are mini pool and slides. Not to worry as the water is shallow and there are quite a number of safety officers around to ensure safety of the visitors.

Since this is LEGO water park surely there are LEGO bricks to built and shoot with water!

You can see parents playing with their kids in creating and playing.

There are a major water play ground in Castle theme with sprays, water slides and of course the big bucket!

The big bucket that contain a large volume of water that when it is full it will pour down to everyone in the play area.

Notice it was the LEGO "Joker" or the Jester that was playing the plank? So off it goes!!

The impact was great but a welcome play time especially in a sunny day. I was at the bottom of this pour when this photo was taken. LOL

Around the water park was a water canal that goes round with the water current. Just sit or lean on a float and let the current bring you around the park. Now and then there will be some places where water will spray at you. You may pick up some floating LEGO Brick for fun.

*PS: Notice another safety officers in the photo? There are a number of them around the water canal to ensure safety and to stop if someone is at risk or putting other at risk when there are in play.

The water at the canal is around 0.9 meter and for young kids, they have to wear life vest and accompany with an adult. So it is pretty safe if you observed the rules.

There are other exciting water slides which I did not play as I am with a young child.

If you really want to chill off  then this wave pool is for you! This pool give off wave like a beach but the wave could be quite strong for some but after you get used to it, it is fun.

You can sit in the pool and enjoy the wave or try swimming against the wave. The deepest is only 1.2 meter and there are safety officer around.

At first my child was quite afraid. I have to put him on a life vest and hold him to encourage him to enjoy the wave.  After awhile he enjoy it so much that he do not want to get out of the pool when it is time to head back. LOL

We enjoyed the water park a lot because it was sunny and I was very hot after all the walking and playing in the hot sun in LEGOLAND before that. Dipping into the pool and play with my boy was fun.

If you have plan to visit LEGOLAND, do not forget to make some time and budget to visit the water Park. If you don't, you may regret after all the walking and playing under the hot sun in LEGOLAND. LOL

The best indication if the visit is fun is to ask a child and my son said this visit is fun and would like to visit again. If I have more time and budget, I would surely visit again.

Meantime I have to treat my sun burn as I forgotten to apply sunblock in the hurry to get into the pool. So that wrap up my visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia with my family.


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