Marvel Legends Infinite Series

While some are waiting for The Amazing Spider-man 2 in the summer this year, some of the toys are out in Singapore retail like the Marvel Legends Infinite Series which has the Amazing Spider-man 2 version.

These series is a 5" articulated figures and if you bought the whole set, you can form The Hulk... I mean abomination....wait what I mean is the Green Goblin who seems to be working out. That if you get all 6 other figures.

Note that 3 of them are having variants and some of course is short packed.

Electro acted by Jamie Foxx is out in the series too but the figure do not seems it is from the movie. Maybe that will be much later.

Closed up on the face which comes with a addition head with the difference of sparks coming from the eye with the same expression....

I love this Superior Spider-man suit but although the body of Peter Park, the mind was Dr. Octopus... Freaky I know but he has better style for his suit!!

Closed up on The Superior Spider-man. I noticed that Hasbro no longer give articulation of fingers. Instead they give replacement hands for that. Some like it, some don't...

For me I have no preference.

Only spotted these 3 when I was there. The rest could be sold out.

Do you like these series of Spider-man?


I like the series, for me I like the extra hands and heads. I am not a fan of the look of Electro in the movie. The figure is a good likeness of how he looks in the movie though.

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