Iron Legions at Kickstarter

A new series of mech toys has arrived on Kickstarter!

Iron Legions is a series of sci-fi mech toys. Rather than the more heroic type of robots and mecha such as Gundams and Transformers, these units are more designed as sci-fi military units more like what you would see as units in a tabletop game.

While the unit prototypes are designed using 3d printing, the goal of the project is to have the vehicles made with injection molded plastic. For the initial production, the Kickstarter features two units from rival factions, the Orthrus and the Paladin mechs!

The Orthrus is a heavy quadruped mech used by the Systems Ordiance League(SOL). It is armed with two heavy artillery cannons to take out armored targets and equipped with three minor machine guns as support weapons.

The Paladin agile mech from the United Aegis Federation with a more eastern humanoid mecha design. It is armed with a shotgun and two plasmacannons.

Along with these two units are the potential stretch goal vehicles. The SOL Goliath battletank and the Aegis Spectre.

The Goliath tank treads are equipped with ball joints so it can pose and brace itself for a stronger attack with its cannon.

The Spectre is a unique stealth unit from the Aegis, its arms are equipped with a ball joint and is equipped with two plasmacannons. It can be posed in a landing form and has a stand for its flying form. The final version of this mech, the stand will be in transparent plastic.

One of the unique aspects of these toys is its modularity. Each unit comes in a series of parts which you not only assemble, but can swap parts.

Despite the extensive details, the toy mechs are actually quite small, with the longest being around 6 inches.

Besides the mech designs themselves, backers of the project can get involved in the design by deciding on the color schemes for the mechs as well as the arm design for the Paladin mech.

The project has started only a few days ago with 24 days remaining so check it out here!


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