ENTERBAY 1/4 Robocop 3 coming

The end of Robocop franchise ended with Robocop 3 back in the 1990s and enterbay has done a good job making a 1/4 Robocop 3 figure in good detail for fans to remember the classic Robocop.

Here is it, the full glory of Robocop with metal chrome paint surfaces.

It also come with a damaged chest piece in the movie.

For weapons will not forget his semi-automatic gun.

It provide 3 changeable mouth piece which is iconic to Robocop. There are also some movie line by Robocop for this figure but it was not inside the figure but a OCP stand.

How can we left out the face of Robocop. Just look at Alex Murphy 's face in good likeness.

In Robocop 3, he get a jet pack upgrade which is included in this figure too. Here are the list of accessories which you can play with or display it.

The estimate list price of this HD Enterbay is USD$500. No confirm of the released date of now but should be pretty soon.

Remember to protect the innocent and uphold the law!


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