27 February 2014

Iron Legions at Kickstarter

A new series of mech toys has arrived on Kickstarter!

Iron Legions is a series of sci-fi mech toys. Rather than the more heroic type of robots and mecha such as Gundams and Transformers, these units are more designed as sci-fi military units more like what you would see as units in a tabletop game.

While the unit prototypes are designed using 3d printing, the goal of the project is to have the vehicles made with injection molded plastic. For the initial production, the Kickstarter features two units from rival factions, the Orthrus and the Paladin mechs!

The Orthrus is a heavy quadruped mech used by the Systems Ordiance League(SOL). It is armed with two heavy artillery cannons to take out armored targets and equipped with three minor machine guns as support weapons.

The Paladin agile mech from the United Aegis Federation with a more eastern humanoid mecha design. It is armed with a shotgun and two plasmacannons.

Along with these two units are the potential stretch goal vehicles. The SOL Goliath battletank and the Aegis Spectre.

The Goliath tank treads are equipped with ball joints so it can pose and brace itself for a stronger attack with its cannon.

The Spectre is a unique stealth unit from the Aegis, its arms are equipped with a ball joint and is equipped with two plasmacannons. It can be posed in a landing form and has a stand for its flying form. The final version of this mech, the stand will be in transparent plastic.

One of the unique aspects of these toys is its modularity. Each unit comes in a series of parts which you not only assemble, but can swap parts.

Despite the extensive details, the toy mechs are actually quite small, with the longest being around 6 inches.

Besides the mech designs themselves, backers of the project can get involved in the design by deciding on the color schemes for the mechs as well as the arm design for the Paladin mech.

The project has started only a few days ago with 24 days remaining so check it out here!

26 February 2014

S.H. Figuarts SUPER MARIO Coming

Always wanted a Mario articulated figure? After decades of waiting. Finally Bandai is doing a Super Mario figure for that!

This figure will be 10 cm in height. Small as it has been, the articulation is not compromised.

The basic figure come with a Mushroom, Gold coin and the Yellow puzzle box. Gamers should be familiar what these object are.

There are two additional prop set that you can buy to display some of the famous scene of the Super Mario game.

This figure will be releasing in May 2014 and the basic figure is around 2,700 Yen

Here's the official advertisement of this product in Japanese

I'm so getting this Mario. What about you?

24 February 2014

Big Rig of The LEGO Build-It Book : More Amazing Vehicles

Here is another guest sharing from Yeetat

Today I will review the Big Rig LEGO toy built from the bricks of the LEGO Creator 5867 building toy set. I followed the building instructions published in The LEGO Build-It Book : More Amazing Vehicles book to build this toy.

The LEGO Build-It Book : More Amazing Vehicles is authored by Nathanaƫl Kuipers with its building instructions drawn by Mattia Zamboni. The is the second book by Nathanaƫl and it features another 10 more LEGO toy vehicles you can build out of the LEGO Creator 5867 set.

The Big Rig toy looks very cool. The red bricks remind me of Optimus Prime in vehicle mode from the Transformers animation series. Like an actual Big Rig, the cabin can be tipped open to reveal the engine underneath. This toy also has cabin doors which open.

The rear of the Big Rig looks like we can connect a trailer just like a real Big Rig could.

Unfortunately, this Big Toy does not have enough parts to make a front windscreen. The toy also has several parts which connect with few studs than an actual LEGO designed model would. This makes certain parts easy to fall off when playing with the toy.

Overall, this Big Rig is a very good-looking toy to display. I am impressed that this toy with nine other vehicle designs can be built one-at-a-time from the same bricks of a LEGO Creator 5867 building toy set.


Thanks Yeetat for sharing. Personally for me I love this as it remind me of Optimus Prime in G1. LOL

22 February 2014

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

You are never too late to get ready for zombie apocalypse. With all The walking dead TV series and Zombie apocalypse movie, you wished you can have some gears to get ready for Zombie fever.

And Nerf from Hasbro did! They have a whole range of Zombie strike series of blasters and one of my favorite is Crossfire bow! Eat this!!

The whole design of this blaster was to give an impression of a crossbow although the main design was still a Blaster and it can work without the crossbow limb and strings. But it was exactly because the design was like a crossbow that make me loving this Blaster.

The wording of Zombie Strike is engrave in the grip at the front of the barrel. The color of striking Green and Orange make it look more lively.

This is a Elite series which mean the design of the dart and mechanism can shoot further than the older series and it did!

It comes with 4 darts that can produce sound when it is in the air. You just need to load the four darts in the front barrel.

All you need to do then is to pull the orange handle on the top to load.

All you have to do then is to take aim. I have to say the aiming sight was pretty accurate.

In my first hands on, I was wondering would this blaster shoot all 4 darts out or one by one. Since it can load all four in the front, chances are it would shoot all the darts out. I was wrong after I fire my first dart. Only one dart flew out at a time. That's neat!

With each dart shot, I have to aim a bit higher as the sequence of each dart flew was top to bottom.

Some may say the disadvantage of this blaster was slow and limited loading for actual gaming. Maybe you are right but the range dart shot was pretty accurate and easily flew more than 50 feet. Plus the design is unique and authentic. It's a crossbow!!

I have good fun with this blaster by shooting stationary target like those fun fair. Even my child love to play this as it look cool.

Zombie apocalypse or not, now I have a crossbow in my collection!! :D

Do you like this Crossfire?

Update: This Crossfire Bow should be arriving to Singapore retail in March.

20 February 2014

Tomica Nissan GT-R

Today I am going to review a Nissan GT-R model car from Tomica series

This Nissan GT-R model is 1/61 which rather small in the Tomica series with the number of 94 in that regular series.

To make this car model under Tomica of course it a must to obtain official licensing from NISSAN and it is printed at the back of the box.

Out of box, the car is covered with sparking silver paint which compliment on the diecast body of the car. You can see the detail of the GT-R logo at the front of the car even thought it was 1/61 scale.

At the back you can see more details of the signal lights and NISSAN logo, GT-R logo and the license Plate which is NISSAN. More like a display car.

On the side view, you can see the smooth design of GT-R with long front and short back. It is rather disappointed there are lack of details on the wheel rims. If only they can make some muscle car wheels rims.

Here's the top view of the Nissan GT-R.

Both of the car doors can be open but it is only open to some extend.

Overall if you like Nissan GT-R or play Gran Turismo 5, this is a good model car to collect and for the price and scale, this diecast model is a good buy.

Are you into Nissan GT-R?

18 February 2014

Transformers from Toy Fair 2014 that I Like

After reading much news on what coming from Hasbro Transformers toys at Toy Fair 2014. Here are some that interest me personally.

Sky-Byte a disguise as a Shark! Don't think it will float in the water but add the effect to see how real it can get. LOL

Here's the plain Robot mode

Dinobots from Transformers 4 movie toys
Among so many toys in the Transformers 4 movie lines, the most interesting would be the Dinobots. Maybe I am so tired to see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee again with minor changes as toys. Well here are the movie Dinobots

Although they are different scale of them each in the sub toy series by Hasbro, generally you have Slug, Grimlock, Strafe, Scorn and Slash

Here are the robot mode

Remember last year there was a fan design a Transformers to make as a figure? Well here is the winner. Windblade.

Talking about Planes, 30th Anniversary Leader Class Jetfire could be something we are looking for

Some call it Jetfire

others call it Skyfire

At least these are something to look forward to releasing this year. Have to see the actual product to know more.

What do you think?

17 February 2014

Transformers 4 Toys Preview

We have more news on the coming Transformers 4 movies and here are the some of the preview of the some of the simple line of the series which is a One-Step Changers.

As these are simple line which is like legend or commander series so don't expect much articulation. Even so these are preview photo which may defer with the actual release. At least it give some preview of what to expect.

First is Grimlock which is wearing much of Japanese Samurai helmet. Giving a much oriental feel.

In Dino mode or should I say Dragon mode as many would expect it should be T-Rex as G1 well in some way it seems to be expect it has horns. Yes horn like the oriental Dragon.

Optimus Prime went through some minor remake but still very much a truck with it same flaming design.

Military vehicle from Autobots, it's Hound not Bulkhead.

Autobots Drift suppose to be wearing Samurai type of helmet in robot mode too. Vehicle very Jazz like which is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Cool!

Another Sport car series from Autobot of Crosshairs which is a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray.

Another Dinobot is Slash more like raptor in Dino mode...

The Decepticon is Lockdown in black sport car design

Decepticon Stinger of which is a Pagani Huayra

These should be releasing in May for USD$9.99. More of Transformers 4 toys later. Stay tune!

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