The Walking Dead LIVE Singapore

Do you know that 2 of the Walking dead cast actually came to Singapore?

We would like to share with you this opportunity that has happened by Mr.B on behalf of us.

It is such a memorable start of the year that FOX Movies Premium in partnership with StarHub TV organized The Walking Dead Live Singapore event at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore for the community of The Walking Dead fans as well as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus fans. Being a fan of Norman Reedus for his role in The Walking Dead show (plus he’s the voice actor of Punisher in Iron Man: Rise of Technovore), I decided to check out the event.

The event was filled with an activity area on the ground floor. Zombie statues, spider webs and even NERF blasters(for children’s safety) were seen.

Eager fans turned up hours in advance to see the 2 actors. Fans who turned up for the 11.30am open event were treated to appearance of the zombies as a start-up to the arrival of Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.

Adrian Pang was gracing the event as the emcee.

With the arrival of Norman Reedus(left) and Andrew Lincoln(right), fans eagerly whipped out their cameras for photo-taking and items for autograph (Norman Reedus is comical as he displayed his skill of selfies for every fan’s photo-taking request throughout the event).

Both Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were invited to compete in a race game where a puzzle has to be completed plus target-shooting; with Andrew Lincoln being faster than Norman Reedus.

The open event came to a close and invited fans were ushered to the theatre for a treat of 1hr+ upclose and personal event. The closed-door event is great as fans get upclose and personal with the 2 gentlemen and a Q&A session.

Interaction were going out such as Norman’s character relationship and etc. The audience were treated to a video put together by this Youtube user MrKulawyJohny, a scene from a episode of Season 4 and an act by Lasalle drama students.

Overall, it’s such a pleasure to meet Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in person and it’s a wonderful treat from Starhub to selected The Walking Dead fans in Singapore.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank StarHub for the last-minute media invitation and all of the OpenTheToy readers.

Tune in to Fox Movies Premium (StarHub TV Ch622) as The Walking Dead Season 4 will be airing on 10 February 2014 at 11.30am.

Thank you Mr.B for sharing.


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