30 December 2013

Hasbro Transformers Rhinox, Predaking and Optimus Prime

Decided to share some latest Transformers toys that has hit the shelves of the local retails.

First off Rhinox from the Beast War series and Hasbro seems to be bring back on the toy series. Rather refreshing as a toy as now with the technology advances, toys are make better in details.

I love this as it can be a Rhino.

Just look at the detail of the face. Good!

For Transfromers Beast Hunters, Hasbro released a updated design for both Voyager Optimus Prime and Predaking.

Let's talk about Optimus first shall we?

The interesting was Optimus now having a shield and it is a Autobots logo!

Closed up on Optimus head details.

Next is Predaking! I truly welcome this voyager Predaking and I should be getting this anytime soon. Just look at the details!

You should notice first the height was much taller than the older ones  The transform steps are much more easier and the design in both bot and Beast mode look really better.

The wings of this Predaking was translucent plastic which look good and it's tail to be a sword!

Here is a comparison of the old Predaking and the newly upgrade one. Can you spot the details and the size and even for a voyager size, this new Predeking was much bigger.

Now look at the close up on the face of Predaking.

Obviously the new one is much better. I am so going to get the new Predaking!

What do you think?

McDonalds Happy Meal Paul Frank

I am pretty sure you have seen this Paul Frank before somewhere before and never would I imagine him appearing on McDonalds Happy meal promotion. Even more unbelievable was there was a toy version of Paul Frank. How could I missed out this opportunity right? So I did and here is the toy.

You have seen him before don't you? Paul Frank has been on T-shirt and other lifestyle product including power bank too.

Here is the Paul Frank on McDonald Happy meal series between 12 December 2013 to 8 January 2014.

This Bendable figure comes with McDonald Happy meal and here is the simple packaging.

This Happy meal toy justify the image of Paul Frank with his iconic big head and smile.

At the back there isn't anything much.

Only the marking on back of this toy stated the trademark and information of this toy. 

On the side, the figure look pretty flat... Although he is flat, he still can stand rather well. Not easily topple over. 

You may notice he is not shoeless. In fact, his leg was like wearing a boot.

Now the figure was said to be bendable but there is only certain limitation the toy is able to bend. If you bend too much, the figure will have bend marks too.

I only bend the arms for fun. As this is a Happy Meal toys, I am pretty certain he is not as fragile as you can imagine.

Overall this figure look decent as how it suppose to be for more of display than playing. This toy is taller than 3.75" and can stand rather well by itself. 

There isn't any action on this toy itself unlike many happy meal toys that is playing for fun. This is more for collectors to collect for display rather than playing.

All I can say is that this toy is worth it's price for the quality of the toy. It do give a good display for lifestyle toys.

This toy should be there at many mcDonald till 2nd of January 2014 while stock last. If you like it, go and get it. :)

29 December 2013

Enterbay Terminator T-1000 HD Coming

I am a fan of Terminator 2 because 2 of the awesome Terminator was in the movie. T-800 and T-1000. Enterbay has finally showcase the coming T-1000 in their HD series.

Just look at the likeness!

This was exactly what I remember him in the movie with sharp finger that turned into spear looking that poke through the head.

There are bullet hole add on to the shirt.

An extra head that show T-1000 get shot in the face...

And the famous No No pose in the final scene.

Here are the list of accessories of the figure.

I have to say I am impress on this figure by Enterbay. Of course this is the preview. Let's hope the actual product will be exactly what is show here which delay to next year I suppose.

28 December 2013

Bootleg LEGO Admiral Ackbar

When you read the title, you may asked me why would I even purchase Admiral Ackbar from Starwars even it is a bootleg.

Am I a fan of Admiral Ackbar? No. but if I am, I would only say I like him in Return of the Jedi with him saying his infamous line "IT'S A TRAP!!".

So what make me buy a Admiral Ackbar?

Truth to be told if it was the original LEGO, I may not have any desire to purchase him as a Single figure. This bootleg has done a great job. Just look at it yourself on the box cover.

Yes Admiral Ackbar is welding double lightsaber! How cool is that?  Is my eye deceiving me or some Jedi mind trick? Well I am quite strong will like Wato when it come to spending a dime for a toy.

The force is strong when I look at the back illustration...OMG! Even clone trooper weld a Jedi lightsaber!! Lightsaber on discount?

Even the side packaging show the same Admiral Ackbar illustration.. This must be a Trap... but curiosity has the best of me... So I bought it.  

There seems to be other figure in the series but all I can find there at a neighborhood stall was this figure.

So time for the Truth. Open the toy!!

True to the packaging, it was really Admiral Ackbar. The figure quality is not too shabby. It can certainly pass as an original figure from LEGO with an untrained eye.

The detail of the coloring was top notch. I have no complain of this figure as all the joints are tight.

The figure comes with 4 cards with different illustration and one of it was Admiral Ackbar. I cannot make sense how these cards were play and I have not much interest in playing that as well.

Nonetheless they are colorful and if for kids, it sure is appealing.

For accessories or weapons, these are what he come with. Notice he only have one lightsaber and it is in Red color?

The packaging did show it comes with spear and 2 lightsabers and they are suppose to be Orange blade...Well it was kinda expected for bootleg.

Let's see how Admiral Ackbar would look like with the accessories started with the hand blaster.

With the blaster Rifle...

With the Sith Lightsaber...

Finally him with a spanner tool which totally make no sense as I doubt an Admiral would get his hands dirty to fix any equipment...

I certainly have a good laugh with this figure review and I was right that what was illustrated would be different with the actual product inside. However it was not too far off.

What do you think about this Admiral Ackbar with double light saber?

26 December 2013

McDonaldLand Plushie Officer Big Mac

We are finally at the last week of McDonaldland Plushie in Singapore. The final one is Officer Big Mac who was a rare sight for close to two decades in Singapore I guess.

I did remember seeing him at some McDonald's toys or even drawing on the wall but at the turn of 90s he was no longer to be found. Even much later, most of the remaining mascots just disappeared. Rarely you see Ronald McDonald too. Now it just "I'm Loving it" as a tagline. Maybe clown no longer are popular or look creepy thanks to all the clown scary movie (exclude the Joker in Batman).

Anyway it is good to see Officer Big Mac back in duty.

The packaging on each side show the friendly officer waving of hands. If you are wondering, this is more like a UK Police uniform if I am not mistaken. Why would Amercian McDonalds illustrate the UK police officer?

He was created to counter Hamburglar and Grimace if I remember correctly. But in the box, it just said he chase after Hamburglar.

Time to get Officer Big Mac out to play.

Open the Toy!!!

Here's Officer Big Mac in his police uniform. No complain there for me for the uniform but I would expect the head shape to be more like hamburger but somehow is more like a triangle and that totally break the shape of Big Mac.

On close up this Big Mac remind me of Bert from Sesame Streets...

There are much details on his uniform such as the sheriff stars, buttons and the McDonald's belt.

The Police cap look good too. 

There's nothing much on his back.

As a soft toy design in a sitting position, this toy just could not sit up right and on the side, he is the only one that does not look having a flat face. 

Finally after 5 weeks on collecting, I have done with my collection. Here is the whole set of McDonaldland in my collection. 

I think amount all of the 5, my favorite would be Officer Big Mac because he is one that I have not seen for a long time. I just do not know how long these McDonald mascots would be around in the coming years if the 80s generation growing old.

That being said, I just collect these for fun and nothing more.

PS: I do not have any extra for any of these figure as I did not get any extras because I want others who are true lover of these toys to have their chances to get these. 

Here are the rest of review for Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie and Grimace

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