31 August 2013

PlayImaginative at STGCC 2013

Some feedback I got from visitors for this year STGCC was it is Iron Man con. I doubt blame themas there are many Iron Man display. If Hot Toys are not enough, wait till you see PlayImaginative which have even more Iron Man!

They ranging from 1/4 to 1/6

and 5" display

For the 1/4, there were Iron Patriot and Warmachine

Loads of Iron Man of which I lost count and forgotten the name...

PlayImaginative also have their own Mark XXI Midas with diecast parts.

As for Mark XLII, they offers lots of characters heads such as Tony's Girl friend, Pepper Pot.

See the different heads that comes with the figure.

If it was not enough, you get to set beside Mark XLII to have some photo shoot

Now the thing is PlayImaginative still offers other products like the New 52 Justice League. Superman.

Green Lantern.

Flash and Batman

A preview of Mr.Q Lau fu zhi (老夫子) in 12" figures for the 50th Anniversary.

PlayImaginative still carry their designer toys line in this event.

There was meeting with artist Adi Granov at the booth.

That's all for now. More of others coverage later.

Hot Toys at STGCC 2013

This year STGCC many toy collectors having their eyes on some Hot Toys exclusive and some queue up over night just to get what they wanted. Here is a walk through of what Hot Toys are having at STGCC 2013.

One of the exclusive is Iron Man Mark XXI and they made it as the main attraction at Hot toys booth

Here is the 1:1 scale which good for visitor to take photo with.

Hot Toys has creativity done some effect of Hologram projection of their Iron Man toys.

The same animation was done one 3 sides of the toys with good timing on lightnings. It amazed many visitors.

The Hall of Armor of Iron Man 3 is awesome as it is 1:1 and I decided beside giving you some good photos of the Armor details, I have capture it in video as well for those who cannot make it to the event.

Here are the details of the Iron Man suit starting with Mark I.

Mark II

That's all for 1:1 Iron Man suit.

Now for Superman!!

Kal-El by Russell crowe. Did you notice the Batman logo in the S logo?

General Zod

Storm shadow from G.I.Joe

RoadBlock from G.I.Joe by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

There is a grand display of Thor 2 too.

There was a display of a Lunch meeting of the Avengers chaired by Captain Amercia

Hawkeye taking notes...

Thor and Tony fighting over fries...

Dr. Bruce having some thoughts most likely dreaming away...

Black widow thinking of shopping.

Well that's all for Hot Toys sections for my summary. More on other later.

29 August 2013

STGCC 2013 Media Preview

I was invited to STGCC media preview and here a summary of what happened.

The event started to talk about Games and from NamcoBandai was Hideo BABA who is a General Producer of the Tales of series, one of the most critically acclaimed J-RPG franchises. The video of Tales of Xillia in English was introduce and along with Aza the Korean cosplayer who cosplay Milla Maxwell.

More of Aza as Milla Maxwell. Lovely and sweet!

Next was the toy section with the Army of Snipers, Jesse Yu aka J★RYU, Angry Woebots and Luke Chueh.

Aaron Angry Woebots actually drew his works LIVE on stage using black paint brush and water just in 10 minutes!

Close up on the drawing.

At the event they gave away their work Army of Monkeys which representing each of their works for See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak No Evil.

The Comic section was from Marvel and cosplayer Vampy Bit me cosplay as Pyslocke.

C.B. Cebulski is here again for Talent scouting comic artists so if you have some good works and want to be a comic artists, meet up with him with your work in STGCC as he is looking out for such talents. His favorite villain was Sabertooth.

Joe Madureira was the first time here in STGCC and he is famous for drawing Uncanny X-Men. Beside comics like Battle chasers, he also develop "Darksiders" game. His favorite hero is Spider-man and for Villain is Venom.

Finally the girl which most of you who look at cosplay may know her from the west. Vampy! Her cosplay causes quite a lot of distraction. Her favorite villain is Venom too!

That is the round up for Comic.

Now Cosplay was the most "Happening" group with camera snapping and flashlight flashing. Is it obvious? We are talking about Aza and Vampy! Even if you are not a cosplay fan before, you would be now seeing the two leading ladies.

Aza is a sweet and gentle throughout the interview. She sat in this position and she carefully and gently reply after the translator translate the questions. She always have that sweet gentle smile.

Vampy from US answer the question openly as she has more outgoing personality. Her favortie anime character was Theresa from Claymore as she like cool heroine.

Now let's get back to Toys and there are quite a number of STGCC exclusive toys at the display for the media preview.

From ZCWO was the Manchester united Wayne Rooney...

and Ryan Giggs

Hot Toys have 4 exclusives and here is G.I. Joe Retaliation Joe Colton (Bruce Willis)

The Evil Superman...

The most Hot Hot toys for this STGCC, Mark XXI Midas which is Golden looking Ironman.

The Hello Kitty fever continue but this time with Uglydoll!

Uglydoll in Superman and Batman suit too!

PlayImaginative beside having the 1/4th scale Ironman, they are producing the Drones from Ironman 2 the movie. There are Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines.

For designers toys there are the Army of Snipers with Army of Monkeys exclusive for STGCC.

Works from Luke Chueh.

Luke will be doing customization of the bear head at the event which you can purchase it during STGCC .

Angry Woebots toys will be there too!

That conclude the coverage of STGCC media preview and the event will be starting this Saturday 10am at Marina Bay Sands till this Sunday. If you are interested, get more details at STGCC websites!

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